AS/400 QMQRY: Table Lateral Identifier Error

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CL Program
I have a file.That comprises of all the file names(Only one column).Now  I am reading this file through a RPG program & passing this file name to a QMQRY object on a CL program. On the QMQRY, I'm facing the below error, as it is not accepting the '&' symbol.
These are the two programs.
RPG program:
0001.00 DTABLE_NAME       S             20A                                       
0002.00 C/EXEC SQL                                                                
0004.00 C/END-EXEC                                                                
0005.00 C/EXEC SQL                                                                
0006.00 C+ OPEN C1                                                                
0007.00 C/END-EXEC                                                                
0008.00 C/EXEC SQL                                                                
0009.00 C+ FETCH NEXT FROM C1 INTO :TABLE_NAME                                    
0010.00 C/END-EXEC                                                                
0011.00 C                   DOW       SQLSTATE='00000'                            
0012.00 C                   CALL      'FETCHCL'                                   
0013.00 C                   PARM                    TABLE_NAME                    
0014.00 C/EXEC SQL                                                                
0015.00 C+ FETCH NEXT FROM C1 INTO :TABLE_NAME                                    
0016.00 C/END-EXEC                                                                
0017.00 C                   ENDDO                                                 
0018.00 C/EXEC SQL                                                                
0019.00 C+ CLOSE C1                                                               
0020.00 C/END-EXEC
0021.00 C                   SETON                                        LR
        ****************** End of data ************************************************
CL Program:
0001.00              PGM        PARM(&TB_NAME)
0002.00              DCL        VAR(&TB_NAME) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(20)
0003.00              DCL        VAR(&SELECT_Q) TYPE(*CHAR) +
0004.00                           LEN(10) VALUE('SELECT')
0005.00              DCL        VAR(&FIELDS_Q) TYPE(*CHAR) +
0006.00                           LEN(10) VALUE('*')
0007.00              DCL        VAR(&FROM_Q) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(10) +
0008.00                           VALUE('FROM')
0009.00              DCL        VAR(&FILE_Q) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(10) +
0010.00                           VALUE('&TB_NAME')
0011.00              DCL        VAR(&FETCH_Q) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(10) +
0012.00                           VALUE('FETCH')
0013.00              DCL        VAR(&FIRST_Q) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(10) +
0014.00                           VALUE('FIRST')
0015.00              DCL        VAR(&VALUES_Q) TYPE(*CHAR) +
0016.00                           LEN(10) VALUE('10')
0017.00              DCL        VAR(&ROWS_Q) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(10) +
0018.00                           VALUE('ROWS')
0019.00              DCL        VAR(&ONLY_Q) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(10) +
0020.00                           VALUE('ONLY')
0021.00              MONMSG     MSGID(CPF0000) EXEC(GOTO +
0022.00                           CMDLBL(ERROR))
0023.00              STRQMQRY   QMQRY(MENTIS1/QMQRY103) +
0024.00                           SETVAR((SELECT &SELECT_Q) +
0025.00                           (FIELDS &FIELDS_Q) (FROM +
0026.00                           &FROM_Q) (FILE &FILE_Q) (FETCH +
0027.00                           &FETCH_Q) (FIRST &FIRST_Q) +
0028.00                           (VALUES &VALUES_Q) (ROWS +
0029.00                           &ROWS_Q) (ONLY &ONLY_Q))
0030.00              GOTO       CMDLBL(END)
0031.00 ERROR:
0032.00              SNDUSRMSG  MSG('ERROR OCCURED')
0033.00 END:
0034.00 ENDPGM
        ****************** End of data *********************************
When I am running this CL program from the RPG.I can see the following error from the DSPJOBLOG.
   (VALUES '10') (ROWS 'ROWS') (ONLY 'ONLY'))
 Token '&TB_NAME' was not valid. Valid tokens: ( TABLE LATERAL        
RUN QUERY command failed with SQLCODE -104. 
RUN QUERY command ended due to error.       
STRQMQRY command failed.                         
I tried a lot to digest the error.But I am out of it.
Kindly let me know the problem & the solution.

Software/Hardware used:

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So your query is called with &TB_NAME and presumbly it contains a value .. if the option exists on the error do a dump.  Find out what value is in &TB_NAME

Possibilities are

It’s blank

It has a name that isn’t the name of an existing file

It has a name of an existing file but not in the Library List of the job.

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  • ToddN2000
    Start off testing small. Have you tried running your RPG through debug and see if you file is being built properly? If so is your parm TABLE_NAME being populated correctly? Have you tried debugging the CL to see if everything is correct for your STRQMQRY command. I no longer have access to that command to test but it looks off a bit.
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    @ToddN2000: Thanks for the reply. every thing is working fine. Problem might be with the '&' symbol before the Variable.I don't know how it is skipping from that step.Whether there is any other way to declare the variable on CL program(QMQRY) that accepts parameters from outside.
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  • philpl1jb

    FILE '&TB_NAME'  would send the literal '&TB_NAME'

    perhaps you should have said

    FILE &TB_NAME  so it would substitute in the value stored in &TB_NAME.


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    @philpl1jb    : Throwing an error as unable to find the file name from *LIBL.

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  • philpl1jb

    If the file name is good and you haven't qualifed the library.file then it's the library list.  Add the necessary libary to your job before you call the query?.

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  • philpl1jb
    If you aren't sure that the file name is valid.  Add a sndmsg in the cl program just before the call to the query.  Have it send you &tb_Name
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    Acceptance of the file name prefixed & throws the error.
    I have replaced the below,
    0009.00              DCL        VAR(&FILE_Q) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(10) +
    0010.00                           VALUE('&TB_NAME')
     with this 

    DCL        VAR(&FILE_Q) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(10) 

    Now the program is accepting values at run time.I can view my output.

    Thanks every one for supporting me.

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