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In a situation, where operator issued PWRDWNSYS with out his/her knowledge..Being system admin how can i stop the Process of IPL? What would be the better thing to stop it.





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Depends on what you want to accomplish. If you want to control when a PWRDWNSYS is issued, restrict authority to the command and only change when a power down is scheduled. If you just want the system to power down and not restart, make sure the default for restart after power down is set to *NO.

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  • qmaster
    I mean !! somebody has already issued the cmd and it came as a escalation to that point what are the possible cases to stop the IPL?
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  • Whatis23
    If the command PWRDWNSYS has already been issued, there is nothing you can or should do. Just let it complete as any sort of interruption can cause maore harm than good.
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  • TomLiotta
    ...any sort of interruption can cause maore harm than good. AFAIK, there is no interruption that can be done. I'm not sure that any kind of system has a decent way to interrupt an already executed shutdown request. (They might exist; I just haven't seen it.) Tom
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  • TomLiotta
    The QIBM_QWC_PRERESTRICT exit point was added in V5R3 and the QIBM_QWC_PWRDWNSYS exit point has been available for a number of releases. The first can have an exit program that helps control if the system is allowed to be taken to restricted state. The second helps to control whether or not the system is currently allowed to power down. Also, the PWRDWNSYS command has had a CONFIRM() parameter since V5R2. If the parameter is available and has not been taken advantage of, maybe it's time to review how it works. Tom
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  • Skillset400
    what are the possible cases to stop the IPL After executing PWRDWNSYS, i guess we have to wait till the IPL gets completed. For precautionary purpose: Restrict the authority of the command(PWRDWNSYS) for the operators. EvenIf mistakely the PWRDWNSYS issued, We can again ask the user for Confirmation with an dialog/message window. In my company these kind of security is been followed for all AS400 boxes. F16 - Proceed ESC - Cancel
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  • Abigail
    Can't stop the IPL !! but you certainly can take steps to stop this from re-occurring.
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  • ToddN2000
    Let it go and finish! I worked at a place years ago on a S/38. As we were doing an IPL somebody hit/or bumped something on the control panel or elsewhere and our system died. Literally. The drive that held the microcode where the data address info was stored got damaged. We needed to restore our entire system from tape backups. It took well over a week to get back to a useable state. A real eye opener, it will definitely let you know how good of a disaster recovery plan you have in place.
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  • RossHowatson
    The only item is to have the system continue to IPL. If the PWRDWNSYS command was issued with a delayed amount (1 hour) then you could get all users off the system correctly and then (as long as someone is still signed on) start shutting down the various subsystems quickly (ENDSBS QBATCH *IMMED...) and specify that the job logs will be 1 record long). End TCP services, Host services etc as well. Then issue the PWRDWNSYS command again but change the default parameters. Shut the system completely down (no restart) and once completely off restart the system from the front panel and specify that you want to do a manual IPL. When prompted to apply PTF's you can bypass on this IPL. This might get you up and running quicker than doing a normal IPL if you have lots of PTF's that need to be applied at IPL time. By the way I have never done a PWRDWNSYS on this machine by accident but knew someone who did this and was kicked off the system one hour later.
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