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Is it bad If I put a <space> in between words or alphabets for a password. what are the standards on should follow while giving a password to any system

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a good password is having complex number like as 123-supertech

It is not “bad” to use a space. You can set standards which are easy – say a 6 digit minimum as the only requirement, or more complex like requiring a digit, or more complex yet, requiring a digit and a Capital letter and/or a non-alphabetic character. Here is a good article for you.

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  • BlankReg
    Not sure if many systems will allow a space in the password. Much better, as Raipandey says, is to mix it up, letters, numbers and probably some punctuation. Plain, normal, words are not a good ideas. Try using a phrase, or film title, and use that as the basis of your password. Such as 'The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain'. If you take the first letters, remembering that the start of the sentence and the nown have captial letters, you get a password of TriSfmotp. (note the full stop at the end). Then add a number weell known to you, such as a birthday (not yours !) and put a dash (-) or slash (/) between the date, month and year. So your complex password could end up as TriSfmotp.22-10-73 I defy any password cracker to get that one in a hurry :-)
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  • ToddN2000
    I would say 6 to 8 chars minimum plus 4 numerics. Nothing that could be found in a spell check dictionary. Nothing personal like pet names or special dates. This will cut down on hacked probabilities. For our AS/400 passwords they have expiration dates. As well and cant use the same char in the same position from one pwd to the new pwd.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    Spaces are not supported by a lot of systems - especially custom-written Web applications so you may not want to require them everywhere. This all boils down to what your business really needs. Check out these hilarious/ridiculous password requirements I've come across recently. Here's some food for thought regarding password myths you have to keep in mind.
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