PTF Installation via Image Catalogs

PTF Installation

I am trying to install PTFs from the image catalog.The PTF group which are present on my server are the following:

PTF Group             Text                           SF99540               CUMULATIVE PTF PACKAGE C9321540 SF99539               GROUP HIPER                    SF99504               DB2 FOR SYSTEM I               SF99316               ELECTRONIC SERVICE AGENT       SF99315               TCP/IP GROUP PTF               SF99291               JAVA                           SF99186               BACKUP RECOVERY SOLUTIONS      SF99143               PERFORMANCE TOOLS              SF99114               IBM HTTP SERVER FOR I         

When I ordered the PTF from Fix Central via FTP,I was provided with 3 *.bin files.These are:

SF99114_1.bin/SF99114_2.bin and SF99114_3.bin files for the above listed PTF Groups.

I have FTPd these bin files to the image catalog on AS400 and associated them with the virtual optical device.My question is:

1.Do I need to convert the format of these .bin files before installing via option8 on GO PTF menu?

Many Thanks

Hughes Williams



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No, that is the correct format to install from an imgae catalog.
After adding then loading, have you also taken the option 10 to verify?

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  • Hugheswilliams
    Thx for ur reply Whatis23. Yes I have also verified the image catalog thru VFYIMGCLG Verify Type *PTF and Sort Image Catalog *yes.It did not give any error and this was displayed when i verify: Opt Index Status Image File Name *AVAIL 1 Mounted SF99114_1.bin 2 Loaded SF99114_2.bin 3 Loaded SF99114_3.bin I this fine to go now with GO PTF-Option8?If yes ,then do i have to take option 1 for 'Prompt for meida' in Install Optionsfor PTF Screen. Many Thanks Hughes Williams
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  • TomLiotta
    It looks like all is well. If you view the help for 'Prompt for media', you might see that entering option 1 (the default) should be fine. Essentially, just leave the default. IMO, the help text could be written better to describe virtual optical handling. Tom
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  • mcl
    I think when you specify the virtual optical drive, you won't get prompted for media. Yeah, the help text is vague in places... This reference is from V5R2, but I don't think they changed much.. Regards Mike
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  • Hugheswilliams
    thanks Tom and Mci.I will be doing the installation next week and hopefully things shud go fine.Will let u all know Thanks again
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  • HS
    Hi Hughes, I read your PTF installation steps. I am new in AS400 administration. Can you please provide me detail steps. Means...How u create image catalog. Where? like that..... Thanks
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  • Splat
    HS, you'll need to do the following: Create a virtual optical device (if you don't have one defined) CRTDEVOPT DEVD(OPTVRT01) RSRCNAME(*VRT) Create an image catalog CRTIMGCLG IMGCLG(PTFS) Get the PTF .bin files from IBM into an accessible IFS folder Add the .bin files to the image catalog WRKIMGCLG 12=Work with entries Load the image catalog 8=Load Verify the image catalog 10=Verify To apply the PTFs: Go PTF 8. Install program temporary fix package Specify the virtual optical device and other options as you see fit. I've left out a number of details, but the answer to those questions depend greatly on your environment.
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  • pdraebel
    Thing is you got the IMGCLG objects and the Image Catalog entries. These are the various Image files (.bin, .iso) that need to be added to the Image catalog. See ADDIMGCLGE. Entries need to be added to the Image catalog before you Load (attach device to IMGCLG) the Image catalog.
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