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I am new to computer science and am a student taking a programming class Fundamentals of programming with algorithyms and logic. This course focuses on programming through pseudocode, I have read the material associated with this class but still find understanding it difficult. I understand the concepts but struggle creating programs out of real life situations. In my and others taking this class opinion the examples only gloss over the material and assume that the reader knows what it is talking about. I am not completely computer illerate but I feel that programming is the hardest thing associated with IT. The question I have is where can I find resources on how to understand this stuff. Reading alone is not going to help me. I have to experiment with it.

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Try doing a search for pseudocode tutorials. Sometimes examples like this can help you better understand a concept. See the Wikipedia definition for additional information on this critical programming concept.


You will need to experiment with it theoretically, because pseudocode algorithms cannot be ‘run’ on a computer. In order to really experiment, you would need to use some specific programming language, and start writing basic programs, but pseudocode is an important concept that should be learned in order to get the programming logic.

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  • Bggbread
    Ok. I'v tried looking at some tutorials and beginning to understand it a little. Here is a question I have of a question that is very vague to me. For an assignment I was asked to generate a set of test inputs and expected results for a program I will attempt to design at the end of this class on Currency Conversion. can anyone provide examples of examples of what a set of test inputs might begin to look like?
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  • carlosdl
    Well, I don't know of a standard format to present this, but basically what they are asking for is a set of possible inputs for your program, with the corresponding expected output for that specific input. For example, if you were going to write a program to convert from US dollars to Euros, this could be a set of test inputs and outputs: INPUT EXPECTED OUTPUT 1.00 0.787740 5.00 3.93734 20.00 3.93734 If the program were going to convert from and to more than one currency, this could be a inputs and outputs set: AMOUNT SOURCE CURRENCY TARGET CURRENCY EXPECTED OUTPUT 1.00 USD EUR 0.787740 1.00 USD MXN 13.3607 Regards,
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  • JoesphBober
    Pseudocode is easy to learn and is basically just writing english text which gets converted into code. Check out Google Search as Carlosdl suggests. You'll find some good tutorials that explain it well like this one:

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