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Hello; So the people above my head ask me work on this project, something I never work with/on, never did anything with C or much with pointers on AS400/RPG Trying to create RPG program to mimic C on AS400 to call API for tax software, so looking for any help that anyone might have: Here is the C prototype: PREFIX tVstConnHdl POSTFIX VstCreateConnHdl (void);                                                                                 typedef tVstConnHdl (POSTFIX *tVstCreateConnHdl) (void);                                                                            /* Establish a connection to a specified Quantum database. */     PREFIX tVstDbRetCd POSTFIX VstOpenDb (tVstConnHdl     pConnHdl,                                         tVstDbType      pDbType,                                          char           *pDataSource,                                       char           *pServerName,                                            char           *pUserID,                                                char           *pPwd,                                                   tVstAccessMode  pAccessMode,                                            char           *pRetCode,                                               char           *pRetCodeDetail);  So now I'm trying to recreate this in RPG and call these 2 function to Create Handle and Open DB connection - but not understanding this too much Here is what I got so far in RPG: (keep in mind that never done that and just put something to be able to compile it) ******************************************************************************* D NULL            C                    CONST(x'00')                                                                                                           d lConHnd         s               *                                            D T1_ConnHnd      pr              *   extproc(*cwiden:'VstCreateConnHdl')                                                                                     d T2_OpenDB       PR              *   extproc(*cwiden:'VstOpenDb')             d  ConnHnd                            like(lconhnd)                            d  DBtype                       20u 0                                          d  Data_src                       *   Value Options(*STRING)                   d  Server_name                    *   Value Options(*STRING)                   d  User_ID                        *   Value Options(*STRING)                   d  Password                       *   Value Options(*STRING)                   d  AccessMod                    20u 0                                          d  Ret_Code                       *   VALUE OPTIONS(*STRING)                   D  Ret_CodeDet                    *   value options(*String)                   d parm1           s             20u 0                 d parm2           s             20u 0                 d parm3           s               *                   d parm4           s               *                   d parm5           s               *                   d parm6           s               *                   d parm7           s             20u 0                 d parm8           s               *                   d parm9           s               *                                                                         d var3            s              6a   Inz('VERERQ')   d var4            s             10a   Inz('I5SAP')    d var5            s             10a   Inz(null)       d var6            s             10a   Inz(null)       d var8            s             10a   Inz(null)       d var9            s             10a   Inz(null)                                                              /free                                                     lconhnd = T1_ConnHnd();                               parm3 = %addr(var3);        parm4 = %addr(var4);        parm5 = %addr(var5);        parm6 = %addr(var6);        parm8 = %addr(var8);        parm9 = %addr(var9);                                    T2_OpenDb(lconhnd:                    Parm2:                      parm3:                      parm4:                      parm5:                      parm6:                      Parm7:                      Parm8:                      parm9);                                     *InLR = *On;                Return;                   /end-free                                                                                no some of the parm's (2 & 7) I just made it unsigned long  just to make it work... anyways the first call to create the handle I guess is working since its not blowing up on it, its on the second one since I can't figure out what to do or how to define parm 2 & 7                                                                     

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  • TomLiotta
    Both tVstDbType and tVstAccessMode will have a typedef somewhere. Without seeing that, there is no way to know how RPG should define them. Different platforms may have different definitions. A typedef is made available for the C compiler so it knows how to compile that 'type' of data on the current system. It might be that one or both of those will be a data structure. In RPG, an equivalent DS would be defined and probably populated with data before calling the T2_OpenDb() procedure. Tom
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