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We have an older AS/400, Model 270, no longer in use, that we want to ensure that our data has been completely removed. Short of removing the disk drives, what would be the recommended procedure? Thank You, Bill Poulin

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3. Work with disk units
3. Work with disk unit recovery
Select option 5. Delete disk unit data or you can select option 2. Disk unit problem recovery procedures, then 1. Initialize and format disk unit

Here is the IBM way. Everything will be erased.
Initialize Disk Drives so All Data is Erased Off of a System

You might also want to save the license keys first just in case you’re going to reuse the box.


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  • wpoulin
    Whatis23, What effect will this have on the Operating System Software ? Thanks, Bill Poulin
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  • wpoulin
    Whatis23, Appears this solution is only good if you have 1 or more Non-Configured disk units. Am I missing something ? Thanks, Bill Poulin
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  • chenthil
    you can load the ibase CD in the Optical device with the control panel option 02 D M select the option 2 ( install the OS ) install the LIC once LIC has been installed, switch off your machine from the power button. this will erase everything in your machine.
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  • Lovemyi
    Option 2 is to initalize the disk and load the License Internal Code so this will actually reformat the disk drives and put the LIC on the load source first drive. This wil then allow you to add the disks back into the ASP and then you can reload the OS if you want to have the OS available for other things. Remember that the license keys need to be printed off first if you are going to be reused or donated or saved. At least for the base OS/400 license that comes shipped with the machine. Any other IBM software will still be your property and can be transferred to another machine should you need to have that same P group or less license for that product on another machine. Lovemyi
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