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Hi everyone! I need to modify an RPG program that is called from a menu (a *MENU object). If I modify this program, do I need to recompile my menu?

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I’ve never made my own *menu menus. But if you can call the RPG program from a command line (i.e. it can run outside the menu), then you shouldn’t have to worry about it.

The only problem i could think of would be if the menu is setting up the environment for, or the menu is passing parameters to the program and you are changing any of these in the program.

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  • Bdfgsbw
    No, you do not need to recompile the *MENU. As long as you are not changing the format of the CALL to the RPG program (ie. adding/changing/deleting PARMs).
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  • Msddcb
    You do not need to change the *menu if you are not changing the calling criteria. I hate using *menu's a great alternative we use is Admin/400. If you would like more info let me know and I will send you the url. Cheers, Don
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  • MelissaG
    Hi! Thanks to everyone. msddcb, I'd like to receive the url in order to get more info about this.
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  • McSick
    I am in agreement with all of the people above. No, you do not have to recompile unless you change the parameters. I don't use menu objects either. I create a display file that looks like a menu and use a CL program to send/receive the display file that contains a menu option field that the CL checks with IF statements to determine what to do next. Need an example, just let me know.
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  • TomLiotta
    It won't matter if your program "changes" any parameters that come in from the menu since nothing can be returned to the menu anyway. However, if the program parameter list was part of the change to the program, then naturally the menu would have to be changed to match. Personally, every menu I create is a UIM menu. Much nicer than the alternatives and can be standardized easily to match system menus. Everybody automatically knows how to use them and what to expect. Tom
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