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Hi! I have an HP CD-Writer. It functioned correctly, until I formatted my PC after a virus attack. Now, Windows 2000 do not recognize it as a CD-Writer (only as a CD-ROM). What could I do? Thanks in advance. Meli

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Most likely the driver is corrupted. Happened to me before.

Check your BIOS settings. Does the BIOS IDE settings recognise the correct model of CDRW.

Also see if you can update the driver for this CDRW from HP site.

You will need to go via the Control PanelSystemHardware for “force updating” your driver.

Alternately, through the same method, go the the hardware panel, right click and uninstall the Drive, and then re-start your computer. See if it allows you to pick up the driver again.

Worst case, re-install Windows, its really not that difficult. It happened to me with an IBM Thinkpad, and I had to re-install.

It is a really freaky error.

Then make sure you use Norton Ghost or some tool like that to make an keep a “clean basic install image” of your drive. Then at any time you can restore that image and have yourself a “new” computer.

Hope this helps.

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  • M3mori3s
    You might need to install a 3rd party CDRW software(eg, IBM record now, Neroburner) to be able to create CDs. Incase your system does not reg your CDRW then you might want to download the drivers from Hope this helps!!!
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  • Petroleumman
    Hello, Before you get too involved with this problem, try the basics (if you haven't done so already). Uninstall the device (CDRW) from the system through control panel Add/Remove Hardware and reboot your computer. Plug-n-play should kick in and find the device and recognize as new hardware. Re-install the device and test. If it still fails, then try upgrading your drivers. Since it worked prior to the virus infection and you've already formatted the HD and re-installed Windows, you really shouldn't need to use third party products to make this work. Good Luck!
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  • Byimw02
    I thought I had this problem when from My Computer, the D drive indicated the CD-ROM icon instead of DVD-RW icon. Basically, the icon indicates what is in the drive and not necessarily the drive. When the drive is empty or has a CD-ROM in it, it indicates CD-ROM or the CD title. When I have a blank DVD-RW or a DVD, it indicates DVD-RW or the title. When I used RecordIT SW, I was able to write to the DVD-RW even when the drive indicated CD-ROM prior to opening the app. Try recording to a blank DVD or CD regardless of what the icon indicates.
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