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A reader asks: I have a HP MSA1000 SAN with 4 NetWare servers attached and a HP MSL5026S2 Tape library (SDLT). I get really good speeds from the server running ArcServe, but whenever I try to use this server to backup the other attached NetWare servers, it runs as bad, if not worse than backing up over a 100MB LAN. Each other NetWare server has a client agent on it and the backup server just has one backup job. I have a similar setup on my other SAN just that it runs Windows and it hums along at full speed. Any tips or sugguestions?

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Make sure that the drivers for the backup controller is the newest drivers possible. I have seen this behavior on other ArcServe Backup systems on both Netware and NT backup servers. Everytime the problem was fixed when we upgraded the drivers for the controller card that the tape backup was attached to.

Good luck.

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  • PLSmith65
    There are some ArcServe for Netware tweaks that may help - I think in the Tapesvr.cfg file if you add the line "Buffer=20" it nearly triples the throughput in some instances. This was a standard tweak when we ran Netware and I think you might be able to find a few others if you search for "performance" and "Netware" on CA's site.
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  • Brightrestor
    Hi All, I do not have all the details for your backup but it sounds as if the local backup performance is good but when you connect to the remote servers performance is SLOW, Correct?? Please understand what the issue is, not the application but the OS. When a backup is run in a Netware environment, the file system is backed up using Novell's TSA's. The differerence between the jobs is that the remote servers are communicating through SMDR and this is not the most effective way to backup data, Novell has been working to correct this issue in NW 6.5 with the latest TSA updates. You mention that this is a SAN, Arcserve in a SAN works in the following way. If ARCserve is installed to a server connected to the SAN, the data stream is through the fibre. If the ARCserve server is backing up a remote target, it is through the LAN using Novell TSA (SMDR). The performance hit is on the lan backup.
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  • JohnnyTran
    Hi This is actually my question (Thanks for posting Jen!). What I have is 4xNW6 SP5 servers attached to a SAN. Is there a way I can get BAB to backup the other servers attached to the SAN via fibre rather than LAN. Of course the damn thing works fine on my Windows SAN.
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