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Hi I have a small LAN set up at home, using a ZyXEL P660HW to connect my XP (SP2) home PC and my partners Asus EEE PC (running the standard Linux Xandros OS, petty much untouched) to each other and the Internet. I've shared a folder and the printer on my PC, and a folder on the Asus. Both allow anonymous access. This was working okay, but now the Asus can no longer connect to the file share or the printer on my PC. The error message is "Error connecting to LAURA-HIV61JSZL: No route to host.". LAURA-HIV61JSZL being the name of the PC. The PC can still connect to the share on the Asus and both can get on the Internet okay. The Asus can see the printer on the PC, but cannot print to it. It can't even see the file share. They can both ping each other successfully and see each other on their local network. I have the router firewall configured to allow all LAN to LAN traffic, and cannot see anything on the logs to indicate that it is blocking anything. Disabling the Windows firewall on the PC makes no difference, so that's not blocking it. I've tried uninstalling my AVG anti-virus, which didn't help (obviously re-installed it again afterwards). When I ping the PC from the laptop on it's LAN IP address that I took down from the routers client list (, it's fine. If I try to ping by the PC's name instead it fails. It resolves the name to a different IP address ( and then freezes up. I've tried powercycling the router (which made no difference) and checked for any firmware upgrades for the router. The laptop connects through wireless and the PC through Ethernet, but I tried the laptop on Ethernet and that didn't help. There's nothing in the event viewer of the PC when I try to connect to it from the laptop. I've no idea where to look now, could anyone point me in the direction of any other possible causes / checks I should make? Thanks Laura

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If I understand this correctly, it worked but now you get a “No route to host” error.

Have him connect via IP Number only. If that works then:
In the other PC /etc/hosts file you may want to add your exact computer name and the IP number.
/ETC/HOSTS # Laura computer
If it was a windows machine:
c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (Text file, no extention) # Laura computer
add his machine

Check his default gateway

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