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File Server Stats: Win2k SP4 with Exchange2k SP3 with postSP3 rollup. Anti-virus software: eTrust InoculateIT v.6 Currently we have no file-level scanning scheduled on our Exchange server, and we are only using the Realtime Monitoring plug-in for Exchange. Realtime scanning is only EXcluding the M: drive for the Exchange2k server. Here is our delimma: Our server is filling up with a lot of mail within it?s Badmail and Queue folders (C:ExchsrvrMailrootvsi 1BadMail and C:ExchsrvrMailrootvsi 1Queue respectively). This mail that resides in the Queue sub-directory does get sent to the respective users, but when I reboot the server, they get their mail again, but the queue is then flushed ready to be clogged up all over again. After doing some research within some tech web-sites, people state that you need to turn off file-level scanning for InoculateIT, and that will solve the problem. However, we do not have file-level scanning on, so that can?t be the solution. Should we exclude the C:ExchsrvrMailroot sub-directories within the Realtime Monitoring? Wouldn?t excluding that folder expose us to email attachments that have viruses in them? Or, does Realtime Monitoring scan e-mail attachments a different way and scanning attachments wouldn?t be affected with that exclusion? Thanks, Keith

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Hi !!

1st of all, clear out all ur messages in your badmail & ur queues.

The easiest way to do this is to use the Advanced Queuing
Administration Command Line Interface tool (aqadmcli.exe)

Run aqadmcli.exe from a command line with the following syntax:

setserver “Servername”
delmsg flags=all

You can download aqadmcli.exe from:

Run this utility atleast 4 to 5 times.

Let me know the results.

Best Regards,

Nilesh Roy.

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  • KeithD1967
    Nileshrov: Thanks for the response back. There is a catch to what you are asking: My boss wants me to first burn the files to a CD for a ?just in case?, and then delete the files. I have set up a batch file to move the files to a separate location for that burn, and have MS Task Scheduler to run that batch. What you gave is a great CLI tool, and do prefer command lines over many of the GUI ways of doing things. I think that the aqadmcli.exe command has potential for many other things I need to do. However, deleting the files and clearing out the queue is just a temporary fix to my problem and not the solution. What can I do to prevent, or at least reduce significantly, the massive amounts of messages that get duplicated and stuck in the Queue, and get left in the Bad Mail Queue? Keith
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  • Dvord2569
    I have a very similar setup, and badmail is a problem. My research found that Exchange 2000 offers NO help when it comes to clearing out badmail. The solution I implemented is a batch file that deletes the contents of badmail at 5pm every day. I scheduled it through W2K task scheduler. Badmail is nearly 100% bad, so I wouldn't be too concerned with deleting it. If keeping it is that important, then the solution you have in place might be your only recourse. You might consider scheduling a move task daily, and a Zip routine to save some space, and if it's not too crazy do a weekly backup to CD. Again, however I would suggest that you delete it all and be done with it. Good luck!
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  • Wdorciak
    I use following in a batch file to clean up badmail directory (run from C: drive or wherever your Exchsrvr directory is), remove the PAUSE statement if you want to do it using task scheduler. setlocal ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION cd "ExchsrvrMailrootvsi 1" pause net stop smtpsvc ren badmail badmailold pause md BadMail net start smtpsvc pause del badmailold*.* /Q rmdir badmailold pause We used to receive hundreds of invalid emails, majority was spam going to where name did not exist in email directory. We use Postini for spam filtering, they offer feature called invalid message delivery bouncing which means the only messages that are delivered to our network are those with valid email receipient in our domain. You could accomplish something similiar with a firewall that offers SMTP filtering based on TO email address. We use Watchguard and it has that feature. HTH.
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  • Wdorciak
    It seems that backslashes were removed from my previous posting. Substitute backslash for exclamation mark. cd "!Exchsrvr!Mailroot!vsi 1!" and also in del badmailold!*.* /Q
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