Problem with copying from IFS to pc.

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I need to copy a savf of a library to my pc. I've saved the library in a savf, run the cpytostmf command to put in on the IFS in a folder off of the root. When I try to drag it to my desktop, I get 'Access denied...' message box.

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You need to create a File Share for the path you want access to.
To display your current shares on your system, use iNav:
Expand My Connection, then the IP address of the system you’re working on.
Expand File Systems then click on Files Shares.
This will list the current shares you can drag and drop from.
You can either move your savf to an existing entry listed here or create a new share, just not the root.


Since you’re already using drag/drop, a share already exists. The problem has three likely potential issues.

<li>You don’t have a matching password and/or profile. Therefore, you’re possibly using “Guest” profile support to access the share.</li><li>The profile you’re connecting with doesn’t have sufficient ‘permissions’ to read the file. (This could include “Guest” if it’s configured and is being used by accident or design.)</li><li>The file is still marked ‘in use’ on the system. It hasn’t been fully released, so NetServer can’t fully serve it.</li>

Start by reviewing the share definition to ensure that permissions allow reading, either to your connection profile or to “Guest” if one is used. Easiest viewing of shares and permissions is through System i Navigator.

If permissions look correct, then make sure that the job that wrote to the streamfile has completely ended and given up any control of the streamfile. Most likely, you used CPYTOSTMF; so any file system locks should go away fairly quickly. There might be some conditions where CPYTOIMPF could take a little longer, I think. And it’s <i>possible</i> that it might take a few seconds or more after the job ends that NetServer will know that everything has been released.

Ask for details if necessary.


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  • WoodEngineer
    We typically handle this by FTP set to binary mode. It works for copying save files to and from the iSeries. This does not require copying the save file to the IFS. In fact, we have received a number of software packages and updates on CD which use this technique.
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  • TomLiotta
    Also, if you copied to a /QDLS folder instead of a normal /root directory, you might not be enrolled in the system directory. The /QDLS file system should be considered to be obsolete and shouldn't be used for access through the network. Tom
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