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I have implemented Roaming profile in our organization. It is creating profile on the local system when the users get login. After logoff the user the data is saving on server and local pc also. I like to delete the profile when the user logoff to avoiding space occupying on the local system. Can you please tell me how to solve this problem?

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When a user with a roaming profile logons on to a computer and is authenticated to the domain, a copy of the roaming profile is pulled down from the server to the local machine. This is why you will see a profile with the users name stored locally. Having a locally stored copy of the users roaming profile allows a user to maintain all common settings (minus any changes) should the server hosting the roaming profiles become unavailable.In this event the computer simply loads the local copy. Without a stored local copy the user would then be logged on using the default user profile for that computer and loose all of thier custom settings.

The advantage of roaming profiles is to allow a user to logon to any machine on a network and always have the exact same profile configuration where ever they go.

As for deleting a profile upon exit, personally I know of no way to do that. I’d suggest doing some research on the subject as maybe there is a way to accomplish your goal.

Good luck!

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  • Howard2nd
    Group Policy - there are several items on 'roaming' profiles including the delete on exit (for purposes of security) setting. At least in 2k3, I don't remember if that is available in 2000 server. Good Luck.
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  • Jenius8477
    I am having an issue with my roaming profiles as well. Our data server went down and all of our computers lost connection to there profiles. Now after 2 weeks of HP rewriting software for our data server, the servers are back up but the computers are not seeing the profiles. Any suggestions?
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  • Michael Morisy
    Hi Jenius8477, Welcome to the community. Post your question as a new question here and it's more likely it will get answered. Let me know if you have any questions! -Michael
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