Problem in Creating new User ID on Domino Server.

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Hi Friends, I am currently facing a technical problem.Want to share it with you all I am working on Domino Server and have no idea about it. Medium of gaining information is just via net. I have downloaded Both Lotus Notes and Domino Server machine (8.5). Also configured Lotus Notes with Domino server. Now i am trying to connect Lotus Notes install on another machine to Domino Server. But at the time of connecting it is asking for "user id". So for that i need to create another user id on domino server. For that i tried creating new user by using "names.nsf " file. At the time of creation application showing Note as: Note: To create a new user with a notes user ID and mail file, please use the "Register Person" tool in the Domino Administrator client. But i am not getting Domino Administration option anywhere Is Domino Administrator and Domino Server are two different applications? If so. i am not finding link to install Administrator. I am in big confusion.Don't know how to proceed now.. :( I studied following links: Installed Lotus notes and Domino server from below links: Thanx In Advance.. :)

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One can install Notes (normal client), designer (design conception client) and administrator (admin client). There are separated install for every combination of the above.

However, one can activate designer and administrator on a client install by simply adding a file named designer.exe and admin.exe in the PROGDIR of Notes. Notes must be closed. These two files create teh shortcut that make administrator or designer being launchable from the client.

Not, sur it is still the same in 8.5 otherwise you’ll have to install the admin client together with the client.

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  • Gabe9527
    If you download the Designer and Admin client you install all three (Admin, designer and Notes) at the same time. There is a drop down list to pick from etc. Now if this is a new server the will be on the server in the data directory called You need to know the password to gain access to the server. This will allow you to create more ID's etc. If this is a working server then install the Notes client and then just configure Notes with an existing ID..(admin etc) to be able to Access, monitor and administer the server.
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  • SlikTool
    I'm not certain that your question is answered so I am adding to the thought. I think you need to get a good overall understanding of how everything works before you can understand how to create user ID files. The Domino naming/security model is based on X.500. There is an ORG, up to 4 Org Units, and a Common Name component to every ID. When you first setup the server it should have created 3 ID files. The,, and (it might have also made, but we can ignore that right now). Of those 3 id files, the is a user id that is like a Root user in Unix/Linux. It is for all intents and purposes your master access account for now. The file is the ID your server uses to run. The file is the master certificate holder of your Domino domain. It is the ORG unit of the X.500 naming structure. From this ID the and files were created and everything you create from now on will be a descendant of it. It is easiest to do all the things you need to from the Admin console, because now that is how everyone does it. So if you did not install that at first, rerun setup of the CLIENT (not the server) and make sure that at least the Admin client gets added. From there you can create Organizational Units (OUs or a sub hierarchy of your ORG), new servers, or more users. For example, if your domain org. is ACME, then your is Admin User/ACME (where Admin User is replaced with a more logical first and last name likely). Your server is server1/ACME (where server1 is what every you named your server). If you decided that all new users should be in the USERS OU (and I am showing this only as an illustration, it is not required all of your users could be under the ACME Org certifier as well, just like the first created), you would create a new OU certifier called USERS from the ADMIN client. Then you begin registering users using the NEW created for the OU. So you would have 2 cert files - you need to keep all of these in a safe place and remember their passwords. If you do this right, the users would have a name like Joe Smith/USERS/ACME. Whatever the case, by using the correct certifier to register users, you make them all share a key (the public key of the certifier) thus they are apart of the same domino domain and thus are authenticated for access. So if you created an ACME domain and I did here, where I live, your ids will not work in my environment and my ids will not work in your environment even though the names are the same, the difference is the master keys are different - thus no authentication. Hope this helps. There is much more to learn Mike Kinder
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