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i have one another question how one user from private network ip address 192.168.0.xx subnet mask gateway ip it can not ping the ip 192.168.1.xx subnet mask (i know it is not in same network) it fine. but how it can ping any globle ip like , ...etc how can it can ping that, they are not in a same network then how it can ping that ip and access over that?? can u explain me these question. Thanks in advance Raj.

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These are the basics in the networking. Please google for
“how computer networks work” you will get lot of sites with good examples. Or You can tru which will help you in knowing lot of things in Networking and Linux.

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  • GrahamPD
    If the address is not local (based upon the subnet mask), it is sent to the default gateway which is responsible for sending it from there.
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  • BigBadDen
    The default gateway needs to know the next hop to the Network. That network also needs to know the path back. If both subnets are on the same router they should be able to talk back and forth unless there is an access list or the clients on the other subnet do not have valid gateways configured.
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  • Guardian
    There seems to be something funny with the valid address ranges. Who assigned the defualt gateway for and if they are on the same network What class are they using,it seems obvious to be Class C,but the IP address range is funny (you if you subnet address can vary)even if its a Class B (and subnetting these classes becomes a bit complicated. Newton
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  • WebTrekker
    Because, as long as the address is routable, there are routers that are tasked with DNS, static routing etc. By definition routing is the ability to send messages to sub / networks that are not directly accessible. If you are using broadband, you probably have a router at your house. This router, in addition to connecting between its WAN and LAN ip addresses, which are different, and most likely on different subnets, also probably supports NAT, (Network Address Translation) which allows you to have unroutable internal ip addresses (192.168... or 10...., etc.), and through the use of either static routing or NAT services allows you to connect to and from the Internet to your internal, unroutable ips.
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