Printing invoice from AS/400 to PDF and emailing it

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I have created the PSF configuration object PDFPSFCFG as such:
pdf device emulatuion type: *IP40300
pdf paper size drawer 1: A4
pdf paper size drawer 2: A4
pdf acknowledge multiple groups: *NO
pdf fonts inline: *YES
generate pdf output: *MAIL
pdf mail server: *SNDDST
I have created the virtual printer PDFDEVD to transform the *afpds output to PDF and coded this object . BUT how do you know which port number to use?
option: *basic
category: *prt
device class: *lan
device type: *ipds
device model: 0
lan attatchment: *ip
advanced function printing: *yes
port number: ?????????? used 9100 port for all our *lanprt devices
online at ipl: *yes
remote location address:
user defined object: PDFPSFCFG
library: qgpl
object type: *psfcfg
To use this, in the OVRPRTF statement in the generation of the invoice - so invoice is generated then emailed - do you need to have infoprint server 5722IP1 installed? How do you say where the email is to go to? Am I missing anything else? Thanks

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I’m not sure if you have to input the email addy’s within the 400 or not, but we’ve ran into this issue before and use the new version of the RPM software, on the Windows side. This way there is absolutely no programming on the 400 side, it’s all done on the Windows side which should save you time.

RPM will take the AS400 print file, convert it to PDF, and then email the file to one or many recipients. You can also write to disk at the same time so it will archive your print jobs giving you a complete print history from your 400 that can be pulled up later.

Either way works, using the OVRPRFT for the invoice then printing. But with RPM all can be setup, converted to PDF and emailed easily, the entire process takes less than 10 minutes.

You may want to give it a shot. Especially if you have more than one programmer on the 400 working, it will save you the headaches 🙂 RPM will convert AS400 print files to PDF.

Best of luck to you!

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  • WoodEngineer
    We've had great success with Bradley Stone's MailTool product for the AS/400 doing this exact thing. What we like it that everythng is contained on the AS/400 giving us the full set of tools we need. Also, since our customer e-mail addresses are stored in their ship-to records on the AS/400 it makes it very easy to extract the info we need using RPG and use MailTool to send the info on its way. For the record, my only involvement with Bradley Stone is as a customer.
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  • Sloopy
    Another emailer for the iSeries is a set of free APIs from an excellent programmer called Aaron Bartell. I created an emailer application using the APIs and some converters (PDF, XML, CSV etc. from other sources). It works a treat (and takes a lot less that 10 minutes to send an email!). I am not connected to Mr. Bartell. His web site is : Regards, Sloopy
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  • WoodEngineer
    Another tool we started using recently is Spool-A-Matic from Gumbo software.  One handy feature is the ability to burst a report which contains multiple invoices, then e-mail each one as a separate PDF attachment.  It saves us a lot of time with very little programming.
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