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Okay here's what's going on. I have 3 computers all setup on my home network. I have a printer setup on my only Windows XP machine. I HAVE gotten my laptop to be able to print to this "network" printer; however the other desktop can see the printer but will not print to it. The biggest difference that I know of between the two machines is one is running Norton Internet Security 07 and one is 08. The laptop is the one running 08 and I was able to connect and print to the printer just fine, but the desktop just won't print (and yes it can see the printer). I'm very stubborn and want to keep the printer hooked up to the XP machine, what do you think?

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Your issue is going to be simple security. What user is logged in to each machine? Do you have the same username and passwords on each machine? Can you access the printers on the xp machine from each by typing in:


You should get a list of shared printers. If this shows and you still can not print. Security needs to be modified on the printer object.

Also note that Vista machines by default are in WORKGROUP, XP home used MSHOME so if you have not customized that i would make this change, To do this follow these steps:

To find out the existing workgroup name for a computer running Windows XP, do the following:

1.Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
2. In the System Properties dialog box, click the Computer Name tab and note the name of the workgroup

To do this on Vista:

To configure the workgroup name for a computer running Windows Vista:

1. In the Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings section of the System window, click Change settings.
2. On the Computer Name tab of the System Properties dialog box, click Change.
3. In the Computer Name/Domain Changes dialog box, type the name of the workgroup being used by the other computers on your network in Workgroup, and then click OK. Figure 3 shows an example.
4. When you are prompted with a welcome message box, click OK. When prompted with a message box to restart your computer, click OK.
5. Click Close. When prompted to restart the computer, click Restart Now.

Norton may be an issue but just temporarily disable it to see if you can then print. If that is the case then there will be windows sharing options or netbios option within Norton.

More information can be found on TechNet.

Please if this does not help come back and give us some more specifics!

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  • Jerry Lees
    What errors or symptoms are you seeing? Does the printer add at all to the machine?
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  • Samari
    thanks for the advice... I guess I should have given a few more specifics here, sorry not use to a good message board for getting info. all users logged onto the machines are admin of their respective computer Yes, I can access the printers that way(\\computername, but the one machine (desktop) won't print. I do have all three computers in the same workgroup I will try messing with Norton some, and update tomorrow. Oh, by the way the link you provided was/is great!
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  • DaiCymru
    Probably silly questions: Does that computer have the correct drivers for the printer? If not, add them. Will it print to the printer if directly connected? (Must have the drivers to do that!)
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  • bhannah
    Another silly question, were all the permissions granted properly when you shared the printer, and were all the proper drivers installed for the printer on the other machines?
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