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Good client presented this problem to me. We tried several tactics, and now are at a loss. His latest words to me: "I'm running Windows XP Pro, build 5.1, SP2. The printer that the system defaults to at reboot/startup is an HP 6210 "All In One", while the older workhorse that I want to use most is a HP Deskjet 970cxi. Every time I set the 970cxi as default printer, the default printer automatically changes to the 6210 at reboot/startup. To date, I tried this: I powered down the 6210, unhooked the USB and power cable before setting the 970cxi as default printer. At reboot (and even thought the 6210 was offline), the 6210 still comes up as the default printer. I want the 970cxi to be the default printer all the time, but still be able to print to/scan from the 6210 when needed. When I right click the printers and properties, both respective printer buttons are marked "shared". I have two printers on my computer. One of two other computers on my network is able to print to either the 970cxi or the 6210 as desired." This is a simple peer to peer network, mostly for sharing internet and printer resources, a small real estate office. Sounds like HP software issue to me. As I move through time and have to deal with more and more printer issues, I am becoming more and more unhappy with the products - particularly software and drivers - that HP is putting out. They are rapidly joining Lexmark as undesirable in my book. Anyone have a solution or suggestion to my client's issue? Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried uninstalling the Deskjet and reinstalling it after the other is set as the default? Maybe there is a configuration option that can set the deskjet as default or not when the software is installed.

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  • DrillO
    Just a quick there a login script hanging around somewhere that you don't know about? Paul
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  • Omen405
    if it a home or very small office network try making just one printer shared
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  • Lerandell
    Check the startup directory for the current logged on user and the All Users profile for any HP applications that may be running at start up. Also check the registry at: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun" for any HP apps.
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  • MikeyT
    Just a you have local admin rights?
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  • EricHarris
    My thought is that your customer (or you) has installed the sofware suite that came with the 6210. The thing to remember is that HP seems to have designed and marketed these All-in-One printers for home and small businesses on the theory that they would only have one printer. The software suite tends to take over and isn't really network aware. Chances are good that, if you remove the software suite and reinstall just the printer/fax drivers so it can be used/shared, your problem will go away. One problem would be, if your customer really wants some particular feature that the software suite provides, he is going to have to decide which is more important, default printer or software feature.
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  • EDtHeAd
    Thanks for all the replies. Update on the situation and individual responses: stephen09: We have done just about every iteration of uninstall/reinstall/reconfigure that we could imagine already, all without success. I use this forum as a last resort. I do appreciate your response. We as technicians often fly right past the simple stuff. drillo: It is unlikely that any login scripts have ever been deployed. No one in this 4 person office has any idea what a login script is. I set everything up initially. The user is a Real Estate Broker, and the others in the office are agents with their own machines, connected through a router used mainly for internet sharing. Most calls I get from them are real basic in nature, and could have been answered if they would only look in Help. The broker has a big sign on his computer that reads "You touch, you die" Thanks for the input! That was one I hadn't thought of, but 99.9999% sure it cannot be the cause. lerandell: Probably all of the HP apps for both printers are running. I have suggested to the client that we shut off all the ones associated with the OfficeJet, but he reports that he cannot figure out which ones are which. He is trying to avoid a service call from me. I don't blame him for this issue. milanT: Full admin rights and only the one user Thanks! EricHarris: I think you may be right on point here, and it is probably what lerandell was getting at. I will check with the client to see just what features of the OfficeJet he is using to determine whether we can disable all of the startup software and maybe get him on the road again. My big concern about this is whether the unit will run properly without all of this startup clutter. I am seeing more and more of HP printers that are impossible to install solely because some other HP printer was installed at some point in the past (can you say LexMark ? ). I suspect the DOT4USB routines that they are using may have something to do with that, and would like to more about that possibility. I just yesterday finally gave up on my wife's computer and a HP photosmart 7260 installation that failed. After following the instructions from HP on how to correct the installation issues, nothing got any better. I did notice in their instructions they had me making registry changes and then doing a system restore. Seems wrong to me. Anyway, after finally realizing that I would spend less time with a reformat and reinstallation of everything, I have it running properly. Still doesn't solve my client's problem. I will see if my client is using any of the features associated with the OfficJet software to see if we can just disable them or uninstall them. Since both of these printers are USB, I do have some concerns considering all the other problems I have been seeing with HP printer installations. If anyone has input on that particular issue (USB, DOT4, and running without startup software) I would greatly appreciate any input, as well as the default issue I initially inquired about. I do long for the old simple printer/parallel port days! Thanks to all!
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