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Suppose 2 users are accesssing the same record in a file.User 1 tried to update the record and while doing so he did not log-off from his update screen,while the user tries to do inquiry on that same record. As a result there will be a record lock situation.How to prevent this scenario ? i need possible solutions.

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If you design the processes so that they access the record for input with no locks then the problem doesn’t exist. That would mean using READ(N) or CHAIN(N) ( N for no lock).
Displaying the screen, waiting for a change without the record locked.
When the program receives the changed screen to proceess would:
1. Access record and lock it
2. Check record to insure that it hasn’t been updated by another user
3. Update it.
The lock last’s very short time, less than the file time out limit.
If, at step 2, the file has changed, don’t update it — show the new data and a messaage that it was changed and allow the user to change it again.

With or without the above change, inquiry mode which should access the record with an F-Spec of input rather than update shouldn’t encounter a locked record.

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  • TomLiotta
    You can't "prevent" record locks nor do you want to. You can minimize the impact by using a technique like Phil's. The lock is going happen as soon as a record is read in update mode. You can read it in inquiry mode and hold it as long as you want. When it's time to apply any updates to the record, you can read it again in update mode, test it to see if it's different from what you read the first time, apply the changes to the record image and issue the update. (If it changed, you need to release the current update lock and go back to reading the record in inquiry mode again to start over. The user should be notified of the conflict, as Phil noted above.) Or you might use some kind of timer. The program is most likely using a display file to allow changes to be typed. You might associate a data queue and a timeout with the display file to prevent anyone from holding a locked record for more than a few minutes. If the user goes to lunch, the program might automatically enforce releasing the lock. How exactly do you want the application to work? Tom
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  • philpl1jb
    Ohhh .. are you working in COBOL .. SQL .. what commit level? Phil
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