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What prerequisites do I need to fulfill before deploying a VoIP solution on a existing gigabit network? We will have data going over the same line and we have a 100 mbit backbone.

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I’m no pro (by any stretch of the imagination) but from what I’ve heard and know on the subject your data switches are going to be important.

Proiority needs to be given to VOIP protocols on the network so that in busy periods the call quality won’t degrade.

You should also look into a SIPS backup for failover in the event of the internet not being available (if your on JANET in the UK this is vital as their network at risk time is 8.30am tues when you would expect business calls to start coming in and going out).

Cost and feature set of handsets is also important.

As with usual data there is the 90-100m limit on data cable length (ethernet). This limit may effect alot of users who had a phone on a cable further from the switches than this as this limit doesn’t effect normal phones but will effect VOIP.

The other things to consider are the usual suspects: are you buying from reputable dealer? Is the dealer financially stable? What support contract will you get? Can you get training on the system included in the price?

As far as I know these are the basics to research and check up on. If anyone has any more please add as I would be interested to know myself.


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  • AndOrTech
    The biggest problem with VOIP is latency and packet loss. Test your network for this. In the systems I deploy I am not happy if I have anything higher that a 13ms Ping response time. SWITCHING: Old switches should be considered for an upgrade and HUBS MUST GO! One hub on your network and you will have all sorts of issues. Cheap 8 port (or less) hubs should be pulled too. Install new runs or look into higher end switches. I recomend the inteliJack series from procurve if you have to have a small switch. They are managed and can do pass through power if your main switch is POE+. POWER: POE is VITAL to a reliable VOIP solution. Many people forget that if the power goes out you want the phones to keep going for at least 30 min to an hour plus. By doing POE you can cenralize your UPS units to the closets and have your poe switches run off of that. Otherwise you need to have a UPS everywhere you have a phone. Other than that when you decide on the system talk to the Manufacturer. They almost allways have a "basic requirement" list. Cheers!
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    [...] Prerequisites before deploying VoIP solutions [...]
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