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We want to "post" various documents on-line so that we can give members of our outside consulting group access to view, and even possibly download them. Is it possible without opening them up to the public-at-large? In answering, keep in mind the following: 1. We prefer not to purchase any additional software/hardware. 2. We are running Win2K3 servers, and exchange 2k3 server. 3. We have a website, and a T-1 connection. 4. Viewing is the MOST important capability. Downloading would be nice, but not necessary. 5. We don't want the public to see them. Thanks in advance to all. You guys (and gals) are great....

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How about this: turn on the FTP server, and set the permissions so that you have to login to view the folder contents. Your users can use windows explorer to view directory listing and open small files, or use the same program or an ftp client to transfer files to their computer. Stable, proven technology that works with all platforms. See the ms web site for ways to secure this to a level you are comfortable with.

Regards – Doug

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  • BlueKnight
    We're currently working with a consulting firm also, but the situation is reversed here... they are posting documents for us to view/download. All status reports, monthly reports and deliverables are posted here for involved project personnel here to view or download. It works very well. Set up a simple web site and post your documents to it. Assign a user id and password to be used only by your consulting group. Once logged in to this simple web site, they can view or download your documents as needed.
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  • Pphillips001
    I agree. The simplest way would be to have a simple user/password section adding to your site. This lends itself to having different material and features available to different customers - adding new dimensions to your online presence.
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  • Janadam
    Why not use your existing Exchange server's Public Folders function and publish them through Outlook Web Access on your website. This will enable your users to read and post messages, files, etc. after they logged on to your domain. Make sure you use SSL though, or all information (including user ID's//passwords) will be transfered unencrypted.
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  • Americaptech
    Where your website is hosted Linux or Windows Server, in your office or with hosting company? Doc?s that you want to share are those in Microsoft Office format or PDF?
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  • davidlee
    I would certainly agree that the simplest and most effective method would be to create a simple user login section that grants access to a document directory page. You could create a virtual directory in IIS to read the documents from a network so you don't have to 'post' the files to a web server. Also if the documents are in MS word format, there is a free 'word viewer' application that you could link to if the clients do not have the required software.
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  • Larrythethird
    Another option is to use a wiki. I have been playing with TikiWiki. Of the four or five wiki programs I have tried, it is the most "ready out of the box". It's fairly easy to setup and use. Try going to If you are running Fedora Core 4, mediawiki can be installed through yum. It takes a little more setup, though. Wikis are nice for version control, controlled access, file access, etc..
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