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Oracle 10g
I need to move data between to schemas. I have a created packaged code to accomplish this. The problem is the execution time. When running the insert statements from the source schema to insert data into the target schema, it takes considerably longer to complete the statement than if I copied the tables from the source schema into the target schema and executed the same statement in the target schema. Any insight as to why this might be? Thanks in advance Here is a sample of one of the insert statements: INSERT INTO target_table(tt_id, tt_disp, tt_date, tt_emp_1, tt_emp_2, tt_emp_3) SELECT src_tab.src_id, src_tab.scr_disp, src_tab.scr_date, src_tab.scr_emp_1, src_tab.scr_emp_2, src_tab.scr_emp_3 FROM (SELECT row_number() over( ORDER BY SUBSTR(fn_cil_sort_format(SUBSTR(src_cil, 1, 8)), 1, 4), SUBSTR(src_cil, 4, 8)) AS src_id, scr_disp, fn_date_format(date_time) AS scr_date, v_convert AS scr_emp_1, v_convert AS scr_emp_2, v_convert AS scr_emp_3 FROM source_table ORDER BY SUBSTR(fn_sort_format(SUBSTR(src_cil, 1, 8)), 1, 4), SUBSTR(src_cil, 4, 8)) src_tab WHERE scr_disp IS NOT NULL;

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This is a bit of a “shot in the dark” but it is easy to check…

One possible explanation might be an I/O bottleneck when changing schemas but not within a schema. For example, if target_table exists and is on the same physical disk as source_table, most likely I/O bandwidth would limit performance. However, if you copied the source_table into the schema of the target table *and* it happened to be located on a different physical disk from the target_table, insert performance would be noticably better.

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  • Jelewis
    Additionally, all of the data resides on the same disk drive.
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  • JennyMack
    You might want to check out this Fast Guide to PL/SQL. It outlines several methods of performance tuning, and links to several resources on the subject.
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  • PL/SQL performance tuning… (Q/A) | Seek The Sun Slowly
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