Pix 515E firewall inside traffic monitoring and control

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PIX 515E
First of all thanks Mr. Layer9 for your such a nice and helpful participation in this question. By reading all this, I also got some questions in mind to ask from you. I hope you will please me. I have pix firewall 515e with Cisco router 2600 series, in fact I want do two tasks on it, first that how can I stop maximum P2P connections through it and second that how can I monitor my inside interface users through it. Is it possible that I can use a transparent proxy (squid) through it? In your previous mentioned answer you said that one can restrict inside users to a proxy address by changing the value oh NAT (inside) 0 0 to your proxy address, but when I consoled my pix, I saw some thing different like NAT (inside) 1 0 0. So how can I do it and please explain above command as well. Thanks!

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If you want to filter p2p, you can do this either on the router or on the pix. I answered how this is done on a router, here.
To do this on a pix is a bit differen. you’ll need to tell us what version of the pix os you have ( do the show version) command

You don’t need another proxy to do accounting. You’ll need to simply set up your nbar or flow monitoring on the router. I know the pix v7.0+ allows flow based policies(eg filter all kazaa traffic or youtube.com destination traffic)
I’m not sure if you can export it to a netflow collector like ntop from the pix.

Here’s an example of how you do it from the router.
Router(config-if)# ip route-cache flow

Router(config)# ip flow-export destination 9996

Router(config)# ip flow-export version 9

Router(config)# ip flow-export source loopback 0

Finally your NAT 0 eschews translation, NAT 1 command will not do anything unless its paired with a “global 1” command. Look for that in your config and you’ll see where your traffic is being pat’ed to. Alternatively you might see a static (interface, interface) IP iP command. That is a static NAT command.

Let me know if this helps

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