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I have a setup in India, wherein we need to connect to servers in the US to do all our work. For the last few days, I am experiencing a strange problem, and am not able to find the cause. I have a router to router tunnel between my India location and the US location. But when I do a ping to the US location, I get an intermittent time-out. The speed between the 2 locations is terrible. But pings into other servers are fine. My internet is fine. Everything else is normal. On the other hand, the US location isn't facing any issues either. If I switch from my primary internet service provider (Airtel) to secondary (BSNL), the intermittent time-outs disappear. What could be the connection between my internet service provider and my connection into one particular US server?

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You can have an apparent good Internet connection without load (just browsing), but once you start to do something more than just browsing (i.e. VPN tunnels), you might start to see dropped packets…

In your case, and once you clearly see a significant difference between Internet providers, I would start to expose the issue to Airtel and see what they explain to you.

Other than this, the problem can be many things…
You might want to look at the MTU to start. When a VPN is configured on top of your Internet link, there are an extra layer of encapsulated information) on the link. A misconfiguration here can take you to the scenario you’re talking about.


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    Time to move all work back to the USA.
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  • Sjohn3957
    Also have your primary service provider (Airtel) do line quality checks and have them look for a loose connection at the demarcation. Since the BSNL connection appears to be good, you may have a low quality line from the primary provider.
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  • Sixball
    As Saturno pointed out, you may be getting aframe-sizeissue: Either tweak your original MTUs or ensure jumbo frames are supported from end-to-end...
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  • ramafanai
    anytime,i have many more timed out,sometime is fast n now i have many more timed out,wat happen to make more timed out?
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