ping server resolves different address windows server 2003

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Active Directory
Active Directory 2003
IP address
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Windows XP Professional
i have a windows 2003 Active directory..when i ping using the computer name of the resolves different address such us 216.187...but when i ping using the server ip address it resolves the correct address

computer name: Serverpdc

my domain:

my IP Address:

Active Directory & DHCP running...

lient: Windows XP Pro - connected to domain ''





Software/Hardware used:
Server: windows 2003 Client: windows XP pro

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Assuming that your server has two NICs, one with a public IP, and one with a private IP, you want to remove the DNS Settings from the NIC with the public IP. Then manually remove the DNS record from your internal DNS server on the DC which has the public IP in it.

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  • carlosdl
    It looks like a DNS problem. Does this happen when pinging from other clients as well ?
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  • DonMaslanka
    What does nslookup query report? "nslookup servername
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  • Elmerrevs
    yes only one Nic used for each server and Client.. the other client are working fine...i suspect it was cause by a virus.. cause when i can scan this server computer it found a conficker virus..then i have successfully remove the conficker virus using the free tool from Symantec and Mcaffe stinger... and also the client computer that get wrong when pinging the server...i have successfully remove the virus..
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  • mshen
    I agree with Carlosdl. Open the DNS Management snap-in and search for the server name. It is most likely pointing to the 216.187 address. If that 216 address is not an external IP address, it should be safe to change it.
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  • carlosdl
    If other clients are working fine, maybe this one is using a different DNS server. Have you checked that ? If you make some DNS change, remember to flush the client's DNS cache.
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  • Pjb0222
    Does the server have multiple NICs and IP addresses? Are you using Windows (AD) for DNS source? Do you use WINS? NetBIOS? Is the server on a static IP address? Is this a multi-partitioned domain? Is the client pointed to the correct DNS server(s)? WINS servers if applicable. Has something been added to the HOST file on the client? Does looking up the shortname vs FQDN give different results? FQDN - full qualified domain name The environment I work in has multiple DNS domains (some Windows, some not) and a single WINS scope (which not all domains / systems use). It makes it fun deciphering where the issues lay. NOTE: DNS and WINS are subject to servers with stuck records.
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  • Labnuke99
    A couple of other things to check: hosts or lmhosts file Put a packet capture tool like Wireshark on your client or somewhere between your client and the gateway to these networks. Capture DNS (UDP or TCP port 53) traffic to see where the name resolution comes from for the questionable address. If you don't see any DNS queries for this address, then something has the name/address cached on the local client or the client has a bad hosts or lmhosts entry.
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