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I have a unix server on an internal network, behind a ComCast SMC8013WG Cable Modem / Router. All of my PC's and MAC's on my internal network can see the sever and access it. They can all see and access the internet as well. All except for my Unix Server. I need to get remote access to this unix box ... I have set up port forwarding in the ComCast Cable Modem ... but I cannot PING anything outside of my internal network from the unix box. I am sure it's something simply-stupid that I forgot to do, but for the life of me I cannot get this straight. Any suggestions?

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Have you checked the GATEWAY setting on your unix server’s TCP/IP?
Just a thought.

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  • Sonyfreek
    What brand of Linux are you running? In RedHat and Mandrake/Mandriva, the default gateway is setup under: /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-intnum, where intnum=your interface number, such as eth0. Edit the file and it should have a GATEWAY="" entry. Change it, as appropriate. In FreeBSD, it's in the /etc/rc.conf file. Set defaultrouter="" HTH
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  • Bobkberg
    In a similar spirit to the other replies, I'd suggest that you do a "netstat -rn" and look at your routing tables. Likewise, do a traceroute (rather than a ping) to see where it's trying to go. AHTH Bob
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    After a bit of research and a few nudges in different directions from all of the replies (and I thank you all) the problem turned out to be ...... the /etc/default/tcp gateway setting. The default gateway out of the UNIX (SCO UNIX VERSION 5.0.6Ga for all of you who asked) was not set correctly. Simply changing it in the server corrected the issue and now I can PING the outside world from the server. So, again, thank you to everyone who threw me some insight.
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  • Twkays
    help please. i recently installed a new cisco router at one of our branches. i am able to ping the head office router and other hosts on the head office lan except the sco unix server. i added a route to the new site in the etc/hosts file but still i cannot telnet or ping the new remote site form the unix server. is there anything i need to do before i get fired
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  • Chippy088
    Twkays, you need to start a new thread for this question.
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