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We are using one IIS server and Database server for our organization’s internal use. The Database server has two LAN cards with the following IP addresses, and When we ping the database server by machine name, we get a reply from; however, sometimes we get request timed out from this IP. To fix it, I have to disable and enable the LAN card. Due to this, the connection between the IIS server and Database server breaks, and all of our application are effected. Our database administrators cannot access our database server during this because their SQL Server instance is named after our database server. Can you please help me regarding this?

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Check the speed & duplex settings on both the server & the LAN switch. It sounds like there is a mismatch somewhere and this could be causing the problem you are seeing. Resetting the NIC would take care of this each time but you should hard set all server NICs and switch ports attached to servers.

This might sound obvious but you should check that only one of the network cards has a default gateway set. I had a similar problem with a windows server box running ISA. I had two gateways set and the server would run for several hours problem free then it would appear to loose connectivity.

chk-lan cable is fixed properly & if possible interchange lan cable b/w diff ports-disable & enable the lan & chk local area n/w is connected-still not-restart the system normally..

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  • Sairamomaslaxman
    in my office around 10 systems are there ..all are in lan connection... my system ip is default gateway is my server ip is all systems are using xp profissional i have to ping from my system to all other systems..all are pinging except one system..that system will shows "REQUEST TIMED OUT " error...all connetions are fine ..and all cables are fine ...there is no problem with cables and lan connection...what is the solution this problem..what is the possible causes ???? plz give me the replay
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  • Labnuke99
    Sairamomaslaxman - please open a new question on your issue - but if you are tracking this question - it is possible that the workstation that you are trying to ping has a firewall blocking the ICMP protocol. Please check and confirm. Can this problem workstation ping other workstations on the network? Have you checked the speed/duplex settings on the NIC and switch? Have you checked the IP address and subnet mask on this problem system? Is the gateway address correct?
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