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Hello, I have two computers: One computer (A) is a HP laptop the second (B) is a regular PC. When A sends a ping to B, it gets Request timed out. When B send a ping to A, it gets also Request timed out but the two of them can ping the default gateway. I disabled the firewall on A and nothing. What is the problem? Here's more information:
A mask:

B mask:

B connects directly to the router and A connection is wireless. Can anyone help me?

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This is almost certainly a firewall problem. The personal firewalls will generally not allow you to receive a ping, so it fails. Try to ping each of these from the gateway. Try putting both on the wired LAN and repeat the test PING between the laptop and PC and the gateway and both devices.

Does that work? If yes, then the firewall is on the wireless router, and is preventing traffic between the wired and wireless networks. This is often just a check box in the config to allow this, but be aware that early versions of XP bridge the wired and wireless networks, so allowing this on the wireless router can cause a loop (usually no spanning tree on the wireless routers).

If that didn’t work, then it is the personal firewalls on the PC and laptop, no question about this, that WILL be the problem.



If the PC on each side can ping the default gateway but the pings do not go across the WAN, then it is possible that the subnet mask is wrong on the end client computers. This is a typical symptom if the clients have no problems communicating on local LAN but have trouble across a WAN.

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  • Tomerv4
    how do i " each of these from the gateway"? you see i am new at this. can you please tell more?
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  • Labnuke99
    You will need to have some type of console access to the gateway. There will either be a ping tool on the gateway or a command line where you can ping the client computers.
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  • amitthakur207
    I have three pc (os winxp) all of three pc with connected a switch when i give ping command check for network conectivity1st pc to 3rd pc then repply ok and 3rd pc to 2nd pc repply is also ok but when  i type ping command betwenn 1st and 2nd pc then show request time out error message.please help me,i also firewall is off all three pc.
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  • TomLiotta
    "when i type ping command betwenn 1st and 2nd pc then show request time out error message." You don't give enough information. If a ping doesn't succeed, then the signal cannot travel both ways through the network. Ping can't tell you anything expect "It works" or "It doesn't work". It gives no information about why or why not. We need to know about every piece of hardware along the entire route in order to answer. Try running tracert instead of just ping. Run it from each system to the other systems. It will help you to recognize devices along the route and may give clues about where the signal is being dropped. We'd want to see results of 1st to 3rd, 3rd to 2nd, and 1st to 2nd, at least. After seeing those, additional questions about your setup will likely come. Tom
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  • Labnuke99
    Ping uses ICMP protocol to test round trip communications. ICMP may be blocked by port access lists even if a firewall is not installed on the end clients. Another tool to use for testing is the tcping tool. This tool can be used to test connectivity without the problem of ICMP being blocked. A typical Windows port that can be used for testing is 139 or 445. So, run the tool using: tcping My.Host.IP.Addr 139 and see if that has any response.
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