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Physical File
Hi guys, Currently i'm using RPGLE language. If i have a Physical File that without key, How am i going to set my pointer. I can't CHAIN,SETLL and SETGT as well. In order to use them, u need have a key. Am i rite? Is there any idea to solve this matter? Thanks!!!!

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To add to Khadar’s response below, you might want to think of using the OVRDBF with a KEYFLD parameter on a field in the PF, which you can use as a keyed PF in your RPG(LE) pgm.


// —————————————————————————


You can define the file without a key on your F spec, which will allow you to process the file by relative record number. You can then SETLL and SETGT using record number as the key. Normally you would SETLL with 1 to get to the start of your file and read from there on.

Your other option would be to build a logical file over your physical and use the logical in your RPG.


Martin Gilbert.


You can use a CL-Command to point like this :–
OVRDBF FILE(File-name) TOFILE(Library/File-Name) POSITION(*star/*END/*RRN)

You can point like this way.



Typically when a file is open you are at the beginning
You can use the read command to read one record at a time
and loop to process all of the records.

If you need specific records check for logical files using the command DSPDBR.
Create a logical if the number of records is large and/or you need the data is a specific sequence.
You can also process this file using SQLRPGLE.


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  • ReshmaG
    Hi can also use *Start with SETLL for a non-key file. Regards Reshma
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  • ToddN2000

    Depends on how you want to process this file. You can go old school and process it as an input, primary file.

    FMYFILENAMEIP   E             DISK     

    This way it process all records in file from RRN1 to *EOF. If you need to use CHAIN, SETLL and SETGT then why not create a logical in the keyed sequence you need,

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  • Splat
    FWIW, CHAIN can be used with non-keyed physical file - the search argument is the relative record number.
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  • Arash1
    Hi, Define the file in F-Spec and use Setll *Start to set the pointer at the first record.     
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  • vivsande
    Great Answers!
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