pfmigrate of public folders from Exch5.5 to E2K3 fails

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We are migrating from one Exchange 5.5 server on Windows 2000 Server to a new Exchange 2003 SP1 server on Windows Server 2003. E2K3 is installed, connected to the old site, AD working, and I have successfully moved a number of users' mailboxes. Next step is to migrate public folders, but when I enter the command "pfmigrate.wsf /s:oldserver /t:newserver /r", I get an error saying: ------------------------------ Failed to enumerate public folders Could not locate the root folder. Ensure that your default virtual server is running and it is configured correctly. If you have used the IIS Lockdown or URL Scanning security tools on your server, go to for more information about running these tools. ID no: c103b405 Microsoft Exchange Management ------------------------------ Niether URLScan nor IIS Lockdown have been used on either the old or the new server. I can manually replicate public folders from Exch5.5 Manager, but I'd rather not have to do this for all of them!

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I’m not sure if its different for E2K3, but with E2K if you have a Public folder connection agreement on your ADC, In System manager or 5.5 Admin you can manually replicate the root folders and propogate that setting down the pf tree.


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  • Poomba1
    Had a buddy with the same issue. He broke the ADC on on the 5.5 user Outlook and Service account, exported to PST then had to reapply permissions from users accounts in the new AD. A pain, yes, but quicker than trying to work around the migrate tool issues. Also make sure you don't have any AV software running on the 5.5 (the ol' NAV for Ex 2.1x has been known to cause export issies in VSAPI/MAPI mode and background scanning).
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  • Zerocool
    The ADC is definatley the way to go... All public folders will easily be migrated. I use the same method for mailboxes. Regards
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  • Mfppub
    We did not use the ADC as we migrated from 5.5 to a brand new Exchange 2K Organization. To migrate our public folders we used Microsoft's interorg utility (Q238573) and it worked very well for us - we only used it to migrate the actual folders without migrating the data, and then we used Netiq to migrate the data.
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