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We moved from Kerio to Exchange 2007 in August. With Kerio we had the ability for each user to save a personal signature in Outlook 2003 and use it for each outgoing email. When we moved to Exchange 2007, we no longer have the ability to save the personal signature without having to choose the signature each time Outlook is closed. My users do not want a "corporate" signature, they want their own. Is there a way to save a personal signature without buying third party software? Will Outlook 2007 save the signature? We spent a bunch of dollars migrating to Exchange on the advice of others telling us how much better Exchange is than Kerio - - So far Kerio is winning...

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Clarification here please, you say you moved to Exchange 2007 and you then also mention Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. Are you thinking of upgrading to Outlook 2007 or have you done this already? Either way you can set the signature in Outlook 2007, yes. My question is, do your users have two different signatures now and they have to select the one they want to use? That isn’t going to change, no. If you set up more than one signature you will have to select the one you want to use. You can change the default to be whatever one you use the most frequently, but then you still have to choose the other one if you want to use the alternate. Signature is found under tools, options, mail format tab, signatures. Same as in Outlook 2003 so I guess I don’t understand where the confusion is. In Outlook 2007 you can right click your signature and choose the alternate without having to go change the default in the settings.

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  • Homerj
    No... We have not upgraded to Outlook 2007. However, I noticed that the default is set to Exchange Server. How do you change the default signature??? Thanks
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  • Homerj
    After looking at this again, the user can change to the signature they want within Outlook - - I think they were just spoiled that in Kerio it defaulted to their signature, whereas Exchange defaults to Exchange in which you can set up a corpporate signature.... I guess that lazy would be a good term here...
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  • ITAddict
    I am curious. Is there a new Server Signature feature in Exchange 2007 that is not in Exchange 2003? I have Exchange 2003 and I cannot find a Server Side signature feature without third party software. In Outlook 2003, the signature section of Mail Format has the e-mail acount reference, but this has nothing to do with a server side signature. This is simply designating which e-mail account you want the signatures below to be associated with. The Signature button lets you create personal signatures and the fields above it let you pick the defaults for the account above. Does this behave differently with Exchange 2007?
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