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We are experiencing intermittant performance problems most likely related to the update of a file that saves emails sent to customers. The problem may be related to a 10,000 byte text field for the body of the email message and/or the size of this file (2 million records). The file has one index and is journalled. CPU and DASD utilization spikes (not always) when programs generating emails are running. What we'd like to know is the process that is the limiting factor. Is it the data passing through the drivers to the 400? Is it the update of a 10530 byte record? Is it because of the 2 million records in the file? Is it the journaling of a record this size? Or is there something that we have missed?

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Sorry, I don’t think we can understand what you’re asking until you give us more information. Performance in what — your mail server? What is the architecture in your system. By ‘400’ do you mean an AS400? What part does your mail server play in this issue and what kind of mail server? Is the rest of your architecture Windows, or…? Where does storage come into the picture?



First place to look would be for any indexes over the file. What fields are indexed? Simply adding records to the file won’t be a problem, but reindexing might be. And journaling shouldn’t be a problem, though I’d wonder why journaling was being done for this kind of file.

Actually, I’d wonder why a database file has e-mails in it in the first place, but it’s your choice.

I’d also wonder what the “2 million records” means. Is that representative of 2 million different e-mails? Or do individual e-mails result in multiple records. If they’re all one e-mail per record, that’s an awful lot of e-mail.


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  • Ashnirody
    We have a web application that sends out emails. The database is on the AS/400. All outgoing emails are written to a history file on the AS/400. The connection is through JDBC. All database files on the 400 are journaled to a single journal. The AS/400 almost comes to a halt when certain jobs are running. We are beginging to use the performance tools on the 400 but it will take a while before the results are deciphered. We noticed that the data in the journal receivers for any file is related to the length of the largest record - in this case our email file which is 10530 characters in lenght. So even if a file record length is 100 bytes, the journal receiver uses 10530+ for each record. This does have an impact on DASD but does it cause paging? Will this be a performance hog?
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