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Hi I am working in a small lan with winnt4.0 server and 30 workstations with different OSs like win98,win2k prof,winxp prof.The problem is when i am trying to access any other workstation from the system which is having winxp, the accessing time is much more it is takeing.I want reduce it to as possible.But when i am access from any win98 system its quickly responding.Pls help me out. And pls tell me is there any other way to improve performance of winxp except removeing TMP file,custmizing visual effects and processor sheduling. regard, srinvasbhatt.

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I’ll take the last portion first…
There are books and articles on the subject of tuning XP (try a google search on “tuning XP”), but the basics are to open the Services applet under Control Panel -> Administrative Tools and examine every service to see if it’s necessary for your operation. Here are some examples:

Universal Plug & Play (NOT the same as Plug & Play) – this one generates network traffic. Given your described environment, it can go.

DHCP Client – If you have statically assigned IP addresses, then you don’t need it running.

IPSec Policy – If you don’t use IP Sec, then disable that

Telephony, Remote Access, others are all candidates for disabling IF they’re not being used.

Between this and a google search, this should help.

Now – as to the first item, the length of time to connect, there are some items you didn’t supply, so this is somewhat guesswork.

1) What protocols are you using on the network? These days it should only be TCP/IP.

2) Are you using an NT Domain controller? Or is this a workgroup?

3)If a domain, are all computers (including XP) members of the domain?

Just a few things to look at. Write back with more information.

Also – have you looked at the system event logs on both the server and the XP station? There may be a clue in there as well.


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  • Howard2nd
    Since Bob nailed the startup steps for the software side of networking. I will take a look at hardware. You have an eclectic mix of equipment and every operating system has its own requirements to function effectively. These are real world values in use, not 'off the box' wishful thinking. NT4 Server - base 32MB of memory plus 1 -2 MB per user plus 4 MB for any application running on the server plus 1 -2 MB per user if it is handling e-mail. Minimum would be 64MB for your network. Network interface card 100MB Full if the switch permits. Also check switch for setup of ports. Check every Workstation for good NIC, Cable, and connection. One bad card or dirty connection can slow the entire system. Only use auto for card setup if switch requires it and all are set to auto. Windows XP Pro - 128MB minimum add 16MB for every program you run concurrently. We use 256 or 512 for XP with Office. Windows XP Home - at least 128MB (not intended on network). Windows 2000 Pro - 64MB minimum, 128MB standard and 8 - 16 MB per concurrent program. Win98 - 32MB PLUS 4MB for every program run concurrently. The usual problem is the upgrading of an existing system where new hard drive gets XP but memory is at or below minimum and spends all its time swapping to and fro. And one BOB didn't mention - in Windows Explorer, under 'Tools' - "Folder Options" - 1st item of the View tab - "Search for network folders and Printers". In a peer 2 peer setup like yours, XP hangs on every connection that was viewed last time but may not be on this time.
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  • Desktop19
    You are using winnt server and 30 nodes of diff o/s and tell me is u configured the domain controller or not if no then configure the domain controller and take all nodes in that domain & gice the userlevel security .And also give me the hardware & network detials means is ur proper server hw & u rusing switch or hub or there are two networks u r connected as a uplink or 10 or 100 mbps .My genine suggestion is to change the winnt server to win2k server and all nodes also win2k proffessional if possible to you. THanks.
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  • AROBob
    by default, netbios is not enabled on winxps, yet this is what win9x machines use for discovery. In your tcp/ip settings, enable netbios over tcp/ip on all the winxp machines and see if this helps.
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