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To all, First, thank you for taking the time into reading my question/concern. We have 90 PC users, and 5 servers. In the past month, I have had 2 drives fail. Granted, Disk Defragmenter won't prevent hard drive failure, but I may have been alerted to a sector or a portion of a drive not decrementing files correctly as needed. Being that said, I have been reading mixed reviews in regards to one being better than the other. After spending a few days researching, I decided to turn to you, in my opinion the experts of your networking environment. What I'm looking for is advice and or recommendations as to what would be the best and most productive investment in disk decrementing software. What are your experience and or thoughts as to which product produces better results over all. Your comments and opinions are greatly appreciated. Thank you. ES

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I do not have any experience with Perfect Disk..but I did check it out on their website. It looks like a good solution. Of course it looks good…it’s their webpage;) I do use Disk Keeper on my network PC’s and have used it for about 3 years with good results. I like Disk Keeper because it is very fast and efficient at defragmenting HDD’s. It is also very affordable for what it does. If you decide to use Perfect Disk I would be interested to hear the results you get. I hope this helps.

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I believe the perfect disk and disk keeper are good utility software to use. However, keep in mind that each of these software has their own special features which are unique from each other. Now, you have to choose the one that has special features useful for your needs.

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  • Jaysea
    I've used Diskeeper for years now with no problem and no plans for switching. I also use UPS's for everything here due to power fluctuations. In the past I had problems with video cards and hard drives going out though since using the UPS's I've had no problems.
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  • Ve3ofa
    I concur, Diskeeper is an excellent product.. As for drives failing... have you enabled SMART status on the bios's of each machine and do you use a SMART monitor program to 'monitor the smart status of the drives' ?
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  • ESuazo
    ve3ofa, You have a good point with SMART STATUS. I will have to look into that. Nevertheless, I wonder if anyone uses Perfect Disk. I have been testing it for 3 days now, and I am very impressed so far with the results. Granted it takes a bit longer than Disk Keeper, but it also does a lot more than just defrag fragmented files and folders, it defrags empty space to optimize your write time and boot up. I'll keep testing it, but I also hope to hear from someone who has used it. Thanks!
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  • VenPhil
    I'll add my opinion to all of the above. Have used Diskkeeper for maybe five years, and will continue to use it. Not sure complete defragmentation of the empty space is useful, as there are always plenty of large blocks of free space to use. But on a server, this might be important. If you decide on PerfectDisk, would like to know of your experience after 3-4 months. And I'll second the need for UPS. We are in a place (high desert in Arizona) where we have daily afternoon thunderstorms during the monsoon season in August). Everyone has learned to unplug radios and televisions when the storm approaches. But I keep my UPS going. No problems thus far. Phil
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  • Mharvey5
    I've tried both Perfect Disk 7 for my PC along with having previously used Disk keeper 8. I think Perfect disk does due a more through job at defragging in a single pass where Disk Keeper does part of it, you can then rerun it again and it will still find more do do each time for about 4 or 5 times it seemed to me. Where Perfect Disk takes much longer, but does it all in a single pass on the hard drive partition. This is only on workstation's that I've tested both, didn't have the $$ of my own to pay for a server license to try both. Perfect disk will give you a discount if you want to try and buy a license after you already have Disk Keeper. I think the one workstation license for Perfect Disk cost me like $29.xx which I thought was fair. I did recommend to them they make a program to let those of us studing for MCP, MCSA, MCSE, etc be giving a discounted offer and be allowed to load it numerious times for training on W2K, Windows 2003 server, etc.. Because, what better way it there to help sell the product when your proposing something than to be able to say I know it's a worthwild product, I use it myself at home on my network.
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  • GordonR
    I have been using O & O defrag for a while and was quite surprised when I tried out Diskeeper; in fact very disappointed in the program. It seems that Diskeeper works fast but doesn't do a very good job at defragging and overall optimizing a partition. Then I looked at Perfect Disk and it seemed to compare nicely with O & O. The jury is still out as O & O stealth mode may not be as effective as PerfectDisk (if you believe their own propoganda), however O & O defag has more options beside stealth mode that should be run first to optimize the drive and then stealth mode would work at keeping it clean. OTOH, PerfectDisk uses less CPU (according to their own propoganda) then O & O defrag. At any rate both programs (PerfectDisk and O & O defrag), do a good job.
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  • Jazz69
    We don't ever de-frag out systems. They run 24/7 and can't be taken down. We store audio on our drives and use 32k allocation units. That way, we don't thrash the drives and we always have time to get the next block. We do recommend UPS for every critical system. It will add years to the drive life. We have some sites that have 10 year old drives in them, running 24/7. On sites that did not have good power and no UPS we have seen new drives fail within 6 months.
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  • Lanceb
    I use Defrag Manager from winternals and have had really good luck with it. I really love the ease of use of the product.
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