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Dears, kindly define the steps involved in the penetration testing?

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Sadly, given such a short question, with no apparent clue as to what you’re actually looking for – an answer which covers all the areas under your question would be too large to post here. I certainly hope that this is not a school or training question.

I recommend that you spend some time at the SANS reading room (URL below). They have a wealth of white papers on various security subjects. Once you’ve read some of those, you should be able to ask a more precise question. There are many books on the subject as well, but the SANS reading room will give you a good start – for free!


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  • MichelleDavidson has several articles, tips and other resources on penetration testing. Here are a few: Penetration testing techniques -- Chapter 6 from Professional Pen Testing for Web Applications,289483,sid92_gci1212964,00.html Penetration testing versus code review,289483,sid92_gci1215374,00.html Manual vs. automated penetration testing,289625,sid92_gci1191631,00.html
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  • Compuman2153
    First you need nmap, a root kit,a packet sniffer, back oriffice,, Solar winds network mask, vunerability assesment software,BOOK Hack Attacks Revealed, 2600 Hackers Quartely subscription,and another clean node, never hack on your personal system even if you are hacking your own, get a node that can easily be disconnected once you are done with it for your own security and if you leave it active it can be hacked from the network, and then there are network identifiers, oh yeah and buy a copy of Steal this Computer Book, it has valuable information on steganography. Did you know that your web cam is a vunerability point too? There are so many vunerability points that in this short form I can't go into all of them. UBER WhiteHat X-BlackHat Hacker now working for the U.S. Government compuman2153, X- Legion of Doom
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  • Bobkberg
    Having re-thought the original question, the "steps" involved in penetration testing (or pen-testing for short) are: Bear in mind that this is a simplification - only touching on the main steps. 1) Defined Objective 2) Information Gathering to learn as much public information about your Objective as possible 3) Target(s) identification (from data gathered in step 2) 4) Reconnaisance 5) Probing 6) Data Gathering 7) Interpretation of data 8) Possible recursion to gain more data Hope that helps, Bob
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