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The problem is a client has 2 computers running windows xp sp2 computer A has a wireless 802.11g adapter and a 3com nic card computer B has a intel nic. the user would like to know if it is possible to setup a peer to peer networking scheme with the wireless connection? Goal is to file share print share and both be able to use the internet connection.I'm not sure how to proceed beside using a crossover cable, static ip addresses and possible bridging connections on computer A. Is this scenario even possible. 11g belkin router is in use dhcp enabled, router is also 2 floors down from computers A and B. Also norton 2005 anti-virus is running.

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Yes. It’s done all the time.

Just to clarify though – You said that computer A has both wireless and wired (implied). Computer B has only a wired connection.

Questions are whether or not Computer A is crossover wired to computer B? and is computer A running Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)?

Make sure that you don’t use the same addressing scheme for the wireless A-Belkin connection as you do for the wired A-B connection.

Look up ICS how-to info on the Microsoft Knowledge Base.


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  • Applications
    Make sure both the wired and wireles addressing should be diferent scheme. ALso check the distance for the wireless adapter is supported. Unplug the cable connection between connection and try connecting with wireless adapter. It will work. chetan
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  • Netdave11
    Using ICS is one way to handle this but in your case I think it would be better to just add a wireless adaptor to computer B. That will leave the two computers use the current wireless router to setup the network. All you would have to do on the two computers then is make sure you have File and Print sharing tured on. If you need more info on File and Print suring contact me and I will give you more details on it.
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  • Vbspotnet
    Can you define whether you are attempting to use the 3com nic in computer A or the wireless adapter. If you want to use wireless, then you dont need a crossover cable. You only need a wireless router with a built-in switch. You connect computer B to the router and configure computer A to see the router from the desired location. Verify that computer A is within the wireless range and enable file and print sharing on both machines. Next, configure both machines to be in the same workgroup and to get IP address dynamically from a DHCP server. Allow the router to be the DHCP server and it will give both computers an IP Address as well as access to an internet if you chose to share internet access over this connection. If you choose to use the 3com nic in computer A then you will need a crossover cable run the complete distance of both computers connecting them directly to each other or you could use a standard switch to connect the two devices and NOT need a crossover cable. If this is confusing, please write back with specific question and I will attempt to assist you.
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  • SystemNut
    I have more questions before I can answer your peer to peer. Windows XP Home or Pro on both computers? Are both computers have their network connection on the same 11B Belkin router, either wired or wireless? Thanks, Ted
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