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  • Java or Oracle

    I'm a student and next semester we are going to have to choose between java and oracle i want to get good grades and i heard java is hard but I also admire everything about programming. I have knowledge of Visual Basic and little Java what should I choose...

    EllyJar25620 pointsBadges:
  • windows 7 compatibility

    What steps can I take to check a system for upgrade compatibility if I were not able to access the Upgrade Advisor from the computer I want to install on the new operating system

    MrsWright815 pointsBadges:
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Interview Questions

    What are the Most Important Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Interview Questions ?

    Akshay00610 pointsBadges:
  • Resetting user password in SAP

    How we can reset the user password in SAP?

    929650296965 pointsBadges:
  • Network Setup with SonicWall behind Fios Router

    Hi,  I need to allow public access to a web server behind a SonicWall Firewall on my network. Here's my network layout: Internet ----> Fios Router (public IP 173.63.xx.x) ----> Sonicwall (WAN port, 192.168.1.xx) ----> Server (LAN port, 192.168.168.xx) I need to be able to access the...

    Akashraj1235 pointsBadges:
  • Is the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X good for game streaming in pc?

    I want to start streaming video games on my pc and I need to upgrade my cpu I was wondering if the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X is good for streaming.

    Helpmewithmytech15 pointsBadges:
  • Jobs in oracle and java comparision

    I am actually new to both Java and oracle technologies.I am thinking to go ahead either with Java or Oracle. I just need to know which among them is good ? As, a beginner I am just wondering, whether Java will be good or oracle will be good in terms of job opportunities and salary as well ? I heard...

    Kireetpola25 pointsBadges:
  • Logical File error message

    I have encountered this error and didn't understand why it was coming. The error was: "Errors in DDS not allowed with specified GENLVL. " I checked with wrksplf command also but didn't help me either.

    Sangay635 pointsBadges:
  • Customized Forms Retrieval problem

    i am unable to Retrieve customized forms while restoring databackup

    Asif62925 pointsBadges:
  • How to uninstall OracleserviceXE

    I am trying to install a new version of Oracle 10g. I thought that I had uninstalled the previous version but whatever I do I get the message "OracleServiceXE is present on the system". How can I fix this please? Des

    Desjacks5 pointsBadges:
  • method to decrypt AES128 in RPGLE

    Hi, How to decrypt AES128 in RPGLE

    6r2,920 pointsBadges:
  • what is the main purpose of osi

    i am not understanding

    sujanmajkoti5 pointsBadges:
  • Delete file called LND list

    I saw some phone numbers in a file called LND list. How can I delete this list?

    Solaiman5 pointsBadges:
  • Does my company really need the Virtual Windows Server we have hosted?

    I work for a small company with about 40 employees and about 45 windows machines. We are all set up on office 365 and set up on Azure AD for user and group management. We have 5 locations, all with firewalls set up We outsource a lot of our IT help to a company that hosts a virtual windows server...

    Catrerf5 pointsBadges:
  • File extension of the files normally added to uTorrent?

    I tried to join the forum and they asked me this question to complete the registration - what is the file extension of the files normally added to uTorrent?

    mohammad515 pointsBadges:
  • Tablets

    Are there tablets that have screen mirroring or something like that?

    Trudij5 pointsBadges:
  • tcp/ip network connection to ibmi

    working remotely and my tcp/ip connection to ibmi keeps dropping every 10 minutes. Line description on system i is configured correctly. I am the only user having this issue..any ideas on resolving issue. server maintenance was recently done. How do i trace network issue?

    junekotey170 pointsBadges:
  • Closing Released but Unused PO in NSAM

    How do I Close unused but released PO in NSAM

    PGNguntsKu5 pointsBadges:
  • Getting Office 365 for non-profit

    How do I get Office 365 for my non-profit?

    sccollopy5 pointsBadges:
  • Controller and Manager

    what is the role of a controller and manager in any broadcast IT systems and are their areas and functions limitations etc

    ferosesalim5 pointsBadges:

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