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  • How to convert from RPGLE Excel XLS to XLSX

    How easy is it to convert from RPGLE Excel XLS to XLSX. A programming example would be great.

    brookshe5 pointsBadges:
  • Find list of IP addresses who accessed website

    I'm using a server that's hosting our website. My co-worker asked me to get a list of all the IP addresses that are accessing the website (meaning from where the site is being accessed from). I'm currently in cPanel but can't find the list. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    ITKE1,072,495 pointsBadges:
  • Rename item on Microsoft Outlook 2016 calendar

    I have a bunch of meetings (among other things) on my Outlook 2016 calendar. Could I go ahead and actually rename them on my calendar? A couple of them don't have a ton of detail so I want to add to it. Is this possible?

    ITKE1,072,495 pointsBadges:
  • How to run query in AS/400?

    New user, like to know in detail how to run query in AS/400 with snapshot will be better.

    Shreekant40 pointsBadges:
  • Passing Parameters in from Oracle Developer 10g Forms to Oracle Developer 10g Reports

    How can i pass a parameter from Oracle Developer Forms 10g forms to Oracle Reports Developer 10g report

    Mohi197410 pointsBadges:
  • new subscription that was sent threw the mail

    looking for the ad that bwas sent to me ,for 52 weeks thur.threw sun. for 171.95

    raydoza5 pointsBadges:
  • Change location of Outlook 2017 reminder window

    I'm currently using Microsoft Outlook 2017 on a Mac. Whenever the reminder popup window appears, it shows up at the lower right of the screen. Sometimes, I miss it which is very annoying. Is there a way to get this window to stand out more? I just need it more notable so I can see it.

    ITKE1,072,495 pointsBadges:
  • How to delete non-installed Windows 10 apps

    I recently purchased a Lenovo laptop that has Windows 10 Home. I noticed a bunch of odd entries in my Start Menu (one in regards to Candy Crush). I need to remove these but I can't seem to figure out how. They're not listed in the apps and features. Basically - I just want to uninstall the apps...

    ITKE1,072,495 pointsBadges:
  • Include original email in NDR – just like Gmail.

    Hi, is there any way that Exchange can associate and include the original sent email with the NDR that has been returned? A working example of this is with Gmail, if you send an email to a non-existent address, the resulting NDR will have the original email underneath the non-delivery text....

    OJ19745 pointsBadges:
  • Pictures and notes lost on Android phone

    Hello! Yesterday my internal storage of my phone was full and I moved everything to a SD card. But I also have this app Hide It Pro (Audio Manager) where I had some pictures and notes. When I opened this app everything was lost. No pictures, no notes. Nothing left. I'm getting crazy. Is there any...

    Xjaxjsjs5 pointsBadges:
  • My Outlook 2010 Not Responding

    I used Outlook 2010 with exchange server everything going good but few days ago My Outlook's OST database become unreadable my be it's corrupt and I have more than 2gB data of OST can you please give me some suggestion ,how can I recover my OST File . As i suggest by a friend that i need of OST to...

    jzubeja30 pointsBadges:
  • Best way to avoid spam emails in Outlook 2016

    For about the past year or so, I've been using Thunderbird and it had this setting called 'adaptive junk mail control' which allowed me to avoid a ton of spam emails. Recently, I moved to Outlook 2016. Is there any setting like this in Outlook? If not, what's the best way to avoid spam emails?...

    ITKE1,072,495 pointsBadges:
  • Shortcut for Outlook 2016 sticky notes

    For Outlook 2016, I create sticky notes that get stored (for reminders). It's very similar to the Windows 10 sticky notes feature. Sometimes - it's a pain to actually create the notes but I love them (makes my job easier). Would there be a shortcut for creating these notes? Thank you.

    ITKE1,072,495 pointsBadges:
  • Upload photos from Nikon camera to Google Photos

    How can I upload photos from Nikon D3300 camera to Google Photos using Chrome box?

    BILLEARNSHAW5 pointsBadges:
  • How to change Windows 10 display language

    I'm currently on Windows 10 Pro. When I was in the process of installing it, I accidentally chose the wrong language (I believe it's German) and I need to change the display language to English. I tried going into the Control Panel but it says that there's no language pack is available. What should...

    ITKE1,072,495 pointsBadges:
  • Microsoft Outlook: Did not receive out of office email

    Last night, I had to send a bunch of important emails to a co-worker who's out on holiday for a couple of days. After I sent the first one, I did receive an 'out-of-office' email (basically confirmation) but when I sent the second two emails, I didn't get any OOO emails. Does Outlook just send it...

    ITKE1,072,495 pointsBadges:
  • How to enable Hyper-V on Windows 10 Education laptop

    I'm currently working on a Windows 10 education laptop. For the past week, I've been trying to enable Hyper-V on it so I go ahead check the Hyper-V option in Windows Feature. However, when I reboot the laptop, it goes back to unchecked (not enabled). Virtualization is checked on the laptop. All of...

    ITKE1,072,495 pointsBadges:
  • Import OST to Office 365 account

    I need a solution to import .OST to Office 365?

    kritikasingh885 pointsBadges:
  • How can I delete corrupted & unreadable files

    So I recently downloaded a video from the internet and then all of a sudden a blackout occurred. When I rebooted my computer I found out that I cannot do anything to the file I downloaded. I cannot copy it, cut it, delete it or even rename it. I have done some research and I found out some tips and...

    RyanCaps25 pointsBadges:
  • Is it possible to recover deleted Instagram DM?

    Is it possible to recover deleted Instagram direct messages & pictures from a account without police intervention?

    Iceman09875 pointsBadges:

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