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I have one overlay that two programs use. When testing I have a very simple CL program with one OVRDBF and two program calls one of which I have commented out because I swithch calls when testing. In trying to print a voucher the main voucher program works fine, I then modify the CL by commenting out the call to the main voucher program and call the voucher reprint program and the overlay will not print, I get the same detail as the main voucher but no overlay. Keep in mind that this is a newly created overlay and no other exist on our system. It's not a LIBL issue because both programs are called from the same CL. Any ideas?

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Well I figured out the solution but still don’t know why it’s happening. When I printed my regular voucher I looked at the spool file attributes and noticed that the AFP RESOURCE was flagged as an ‘ Y ‘, I then ran the reprint program looked at the spool file attributes and noticed it was flagged as an ‘ N ‘, not sure whats switching the flag but that was my problem. My soulution was to take out the overlay in the DDS PRTF:

A OVERLAY(*LIBL/RB530OL 0.250 0.</b>250)

I then put the overlay in the actual PRTF whih (CRTPRTF):

Front side overlay . . . . . . . . . . . . : FRONTOVL RB530OL
Offset down . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : 0.25
Offset across . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : 0.25

Both overlays are printing fine now, and yes the device type on the PRTF is *AFPDS

WOW; Still a mystery but problem solved.

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  • TomLiotta
    Any ideas? Sure. First idea is that the two programs don't use the same printer file definitions. Perhaps because they use two different printer files or because they apply different overrides. Second idea is that it's a library list problem. It doesn't matter if they're called from the "same" CL or not; in fact, they might require different CLs, and calling from the "same" CL is what's introducing the problem. Third idea is that the execution of one program makes some underlying change to the program environment. When the second program runs, it behaves different from what is expected. There are probably many variations of those three ideas as well as other ideas. Without seeing the programming, it could be almost anything. Seeing the CL should be the minimum needed to know what to suggest to try. Tom
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  • QTRMaster
    Thanks Tom for your response. The CL I'm using is very simple: PGM OVRDBF FILE(GBLCTL03T) TOFILE(MOWENS/GBLCTL03T) /* CALL RB530 */ CALL RB530B ENDPGM The overlay works fine when call RB530 but doesn't work when calling RB530B. I call the CL program from a command line so the LIBL shouldn't be a factor. Below is the F spec that's in both programs: FRB530ZZ O E PRINTER Below is the overlay in the PRTF: A OVERLAY(*LIBL/RB530OL 0.250 0.250) Keep in mind there is only one RB530ZZ on the system. Thanks
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