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PC specs: A8NE Asus mother board. 2.2 dual core AMD processor Geforce 7600 512mb Graphics Card. 400W PSU (included with case) For some time i have been experiencing problems with my computer. when I have been running high spec games the computer would turn off. the screen would go black and i would have to wait for 20-30 minuets before I could use the computer again. The problems steadily got worse until i was having problems running lower performance games, and even Firefox for a long period of time (6+ hours) Because of this i decided to re-format the computer, and hopefully erase any problems, faulty drivers etc. I managed to uninstall and rewrite the hard disk without any problems. However the computer would shut down after 3-4 minutes of installing windows. I had assumed that this was an overheating problem somewhere, and therefore i took off the side of my computer to see if any of the components were particularly hot. The Graphics card was the hottest of all of the components and therefore I thought would be the one most likely to be a problem. To further investigate this i tried another graphics card in the computer, however, for some reason the card did not work properly. So i tried my graphics card in another computer, this then worked well, and i was able to run a high performance game for over an hour before i stopped to try again. I then installed Ubuntu on the computer which was able to be installed without any problems. This was the first time i had used Linux on a computer, and though i intend to switch over to it a some point I was not able to have all of the facilities that i needed (mainly a wireless internet connection) working. and therefore i abandoned having Ubuntu installed onto the computer and have tried to install windows again, and I am experiencing the same problem. I did some research into the problem and discovered someone with a similar (but not exactly the same) problem, which was resolved by getting a new and better PSU, however I wanted to get some advice before buying a new PSU, and having it not work. Thanks for reading and for any help.

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A new and more powerful power supply would probably be a good step. These days a 400W power supply is a pretty small power supply.


Have you checked for severe dust buildups? Usually the CPU is the source of the most heat. You have have to take that off and clean off the CPU goo and buys some new paste and stick it on there. Also, check all fans and bearings.


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  • Tuxebi
    Your PC setup will most probably not be able to consume more than say 200 Watts at a given time, so a new power supply almost surely will not cure your problems. This is not to say that the PSU might be defective. This is quite unlikely, but it happens. In order to test for this, simply remove the PSU and connect it to another PC. For the time being I aggree with Mrdenny, that your CPU most likely is the source of the heat. Another possible cause could be defective condensers on your motherboard. For a start, I would suggest that you refrain from installing over and over again. Instead go into your BIOS (This acts as a sort of high stress test. In there you will find "Power management monitor" or similar. Monitorr this for some time and find out what the cpu temperature output is. Kind regards Eberhard
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