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OUTQ management
I have a system with more that 100 outqs on it. When a user types "wrkoutq" they get a list of all the outqs. Is there a way to not only restrict what outqs are accessible by what users, but control what outqs are visible by user groups. most users only need to see their 2 or 3 outq they use. Even if it's not an OS/400 security config, maybe a third party utility. I want to be able to control this. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Unfortunately WRKOUTQ doesn’t appear to check authorities concerning the *OUTQ prior to displaying the list. Authority checking does come into play if the user tries to work/display/etc an *OUTQ, but you want to stop the *OUTQs from showing up initially.

I don’t keep track of 3rd party offerings very well and so I can’t help you there, hopefully someone else will be able to. If you don’t find one that meets your need I could certainly provide one though for a reasonable cost 🙂

If you would like to build your own solution, the List Objects API could be used to get a listing of all *OUTQs on the system. From there you could subset the list based on a file, keyed by the current user name, containing the list of *OUTQs to not show. Alternatively you could have a file of what the user is supposed to see and have your program read and display those entries. In either case your program could then call the appropriate CL command or API to implement the various functions of WRKOUTQ.

Bruce Vining

Another suggestion is to create the output queues in different libraries and then using library lists perfrom the wrkoutq *libl/*all for that user. This is a non programmable way around this but it will mean a lot of management in setting up specific library list groups for each group of user

Bruce B.

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  • ToddN2000
    Sounds like an issue we had. We created a menu system for them to select from. The default was the one set up in their user profile. The others were based on group authorities. We did this because we had to take away command line access from all users except the IT staff.
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  • deepu9321
    Will you clarify, How the 2 or 3 OUTQs are differentiated per user. 

    Are these OUTQs are in User Specific Library?

    Or, These OUTQs are created by respective users?

    Based on what is the criteria this can be achieved,

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  • ToddN2000
    A little more info will help come to a solution for you. How are these OUTQ's created? By the user themselves or by your system admin?
    If user created, how do the spool files get into the outq, are they moved from production outq or created directly from a job. IF created by a job are the outq names hard-coded to direct the output or is it parameter driven?
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