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Can anyone advise if there is a function in Outlook (2003) whereby in a similar fashion to voting buttons, you can provide several date options in a meeting request. For example, if I wanted to hold several information sessions, with staff having the option of several days and times, they could select the day and time that best suited them. Ideally, this could be tracked but also have restrictions as well so that if a session can only contain "x" number of people, then once this number is reached, that session is no longer available.

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When a new message is open: Tools>Options(there is also an icon with a little radio button that says options next to it at the top of the e-mail which you can click)>check the use Voting buttons>in the box to the right enter the dates you want separated by semicolons (eg. 7/16/08;7/21/08;7/24/08). Although you may not see a difference, the receiver will see the buttons, so don’t worry. A little information bar on the email (the one that says “This message has not been sent” or “You replied on this date….” is where a little reminder will be displayed to the receiver the vote. When they click vote, it will give them the choice to respond automatically with the choice they selected, or edit the response and add something to the message. To track, view these in your Sent Items folder. Hope this helps. P.S. This should work in Outlook 2000 and on though the user interface changes.

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  • Pmalaison
    This is a cool feature. I can see me using it to schedule training session times and contents. Do you know if it is possible to see those voting buttons in OWA in Exchange 2003? It does not seem to work but then again, 5 minutes ago I did not even know you could have voting button that easily.
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  • Wneilclks
    Thanks Schmidtw. I am already using the voting function, but wasn't sure if you could use a similar function through the Meeting Request function to automatically put the meeting they select into their calendar (and the replies into the Tracking section of the Meeting Request). The other query was if you could limit theavailability of the options to a certain number of responses.
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