Outlook outgoing email gets stalled in network only on the computers connecting wirelessly

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I have noted on two different systems each using a different model router with their broadband connection (one DSL, the other cable modem) that when the wireless computer using the network tries to send out email from Outlook, the messages often won't go out but stay in the Outbox until they close Outlook and restart it. Sometimes the email won't go out even then.

In both of these situations, a second computer is connected to the router by CAT 5 network cable, and those second computers never suffer this problem. Their email in Outlook always goes out. The problem isn't in the setup of Outlook, for the outgoing server addresses are correct, and if the affected computers switch to use a network cable temporarily, they never have this happen. There must be some setting somewhere, either in the router (although I can't find anything that seems like it would affect this), or in the network card settings in XP. Has anyone come across this, and if so, what might I change to avoid this pesky problem?

Software/Hardware used:
Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, Netgear Router, Speedstream DSL router

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looks like your network Admin needs to put some command on router .
dont see any problem in outlook .

This is just a restatement of the original question, which said that the problem wasn’t in Outlook, but probably a router command or network card setting. The right answer will tell me which command. I might add that the problem is not that the wireless network card temporarily loses connection to the router. Browsers continue to work just fine, as does incoming mail. It’s only the outgoing mail that stalls. Whatever could cause just that?


Check for port 25 or SMTP enabling settings on the wireless router. However, if it works sometimes and not others… then that makes this even more difficult to troubleshoot.

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