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I have created several Outlook Calendar invitations in the last week where I one of the attendees is my boss. I am copied on all of his invitations. When I receive the copy of the invitation sent to his inbox - I delete it. Recently, every time I try to delete this copy from my inbox it cause Outlook to resend the invitation to all the invited attendees. What is the problem and how can it be fixed.

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This is a “feature” not a problem. This is in fact the way Outlook is designed to work with delegates. In a Microsoft Outlook article I found some time ago it expressly said that this “feature” (problem) exists. When a delegate deletes the invite out of their inbox it will cause “changes” to be made and sent out if they were the meeting organizer or it will remove the meeting from the boss’s calendar if they received it from someone else. The intended recipient ONLY should accept or decline the invitation so it goes on the calendar or not. The delegate should NOT delete the invites from their inbox, but rather accept or decline on behalf of the mailbox owner if this is what is agreed upon. Now to fix this the mailbox owner, or boss, can go into the delegate properties and select NOT to send copies to the delegate, OR the delegate and boss can agree together never to delete invites from the inbox. Accept or decline, but do NOT delete. Users with multiple delegates increase their chances of problems since if any one of their delegates delete the invites from their inbox it will delete it from the mailbox owner’s calendar.

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  • Burkeme
    The same thing is happening to me. I created two meeting requests for my boss, from his calendar, and since I am a delegate I also receive copies of the meeting requests. The difference is whether I delete it the meeting request or move it or whether he deletes the meeting request or moves it, it sends the meetings back out again. As long as neither one of us touches the meeting request in our Inbox, it does not send back out again.
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  • Dutches45
    I am a delegate for my manager. When I accept her invitations the invitation stays in her inbox stating that I have accepted on her behalf. I would like the invitation to disappear out of her inbox once I have accepted on her behalf. How do I get Outlook to do this? Outlook 2007
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  • Brijesh

    Check the resource resend a calendar invitation
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