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Email archiving
Microsoft Outlook 2003
Some users - Laptop - are unable to archive reliably. Their access is RPC/HTTPS but even logging in from test server in Oultook as their user gives unreliable archiving - i.e premature end.

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Most laptop users use Outlook in “cached mode” while they are not connected to the Mail Server. Outlook will automatically synchronized with the Mail Server once it’s reconnected back to the network.

The Outlook AutoArchive is turned on by default, it will move items to the archive folder in a predetermined period. Old items will be deleted periodically. There may be conflict between the synch & archive functions.

I recommend turning off the AutoArchive function in Outlook. Instead, create a Personal Folders on the local drive in Outlook and archive manually.

If your users only connect to the Mail Server through OWA and want to archive the contents, you need to access it as an HTTP account. After connecting to the mailbox, the user can drag messages to a PST on your hard drive to archive them.

Note that when you access your mailbox using the HTTP protocol, you cannot use the special folders: Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Journal.

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    Just an FYI I found this out with one user whose mail would not archive at all. What we finally learned from Microsoft articles is that if they use cached mode, every email has it's "Modified date" changed to the date it was cached the first time they run cached mode. And guess what? Auto-archiving goes by "modified date", NOT date sent or received as we would expect! To check the modified date, right click the blue bar at the top where you find "from" "subject" "received" etc, and select "field chooser". Select "All Mail Fields" from the drop down, then find "modified" and drag and drop that to the headers at the top. If a user has "auto-archive" set to anything older than 4 months, for instance, but the MODIFIED date is only a couple of weeks old for the entire mailbox due to having recently set up cached mode, or having run cached mode for the first time on that pc or laptop then NOTHING in the mailbox will archive! And guess what else? The modifed date is changed on the SERVER, so no matter what computer you move to, it will still have that modified date as the most recent date you ran cached mode! Now if you only use one pc or laptop and you run cached mode at least once, nothing will archive until 4 months (or whatever period you want to archive old mail) from the date you run cached mode. It took a lot of digging to find this out!
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