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Outlook 2007 Inbox mail can not see. I am having difficulty in seeing (reading) Inbox message for “Read Receipt”. When I use “Request a Read Receipt” - the receipt comes back & I see Inbox has a number for “unread Mail”. But I can not read the mail. I used to see them like any normal mail in the Inbox. Just started happening recently.

For regular e-mail in Inbox – everything works fine. I know the “Read Receipt” mail is there – when I use the option “Mark all as read” the unread number disappears.

Any suggestions/comments? Thank you. SbElectric

Software/Hardware used:
Outlook 2007, XP

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There are quite a couple of reasons for this to happen. Let me sum up a few for you and see if it applies to your situation.

First of all; it’s request. The receiver can have its reasons and choose not to send you a receipt.
The receiver has the Receipts feature turned off.
For Outlook this can be configured in;
Tools-> Options-> E-mail Options…-> Tracking Options…
The request to send a Read Receipt is made when the message is being marked as read. If the receiver has the habit of not marking all his/her messages as read when reading it, then the prompt was never triggered to send the receipt to you.
The mail client the receiver uses must support sending out Read Receipts. Not all clients do, especially web clients often don’t offer this feature.
Even when the receiver sends out the Read Receipt, it could be that the mail server of the receiver doesn’t support it or disallows it to be forwarded to the Internet (configurable in Exchange by your mail administrator) and drops the Read Receipt.
Most ISPs do support sending out Read Receipts though but do not support Delivery Receipts. This is to prevent spammers from determining if a mailbox exists or not.
Your own ISP could be dropping the Read Receipts. Usually this is part of a Junk E-mail filter that they have in place and in most cases your ISP will put it in your Junk E-mail folder on the server so that Outlook won’t download it (in case of POP3). Login to your web based mailbox provided by your ISP and see if it is there and if you can configure the server based Junk E-mail filter.
Note: Keep in mind that from a practical point of view, a Read Receipt is nothing more than an acknowledgement that the email you have sent to the receiver got marked as read. The receiver can do this without actually reading the message

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  • SbElectric
    Thank you Deelip333, for your detail analysis and explanation. I am aware of and agree with most of the points that you mentioned. In my case, there are some discrepancies. I have a Windows XP with Office 2007 and a Mac laptop with Office 2008. For the same message I am getting the” Read Receipt” on my Mac laptop and can read it and then delete it. But can not do the same on my Win XP desktop. I can not delete it since I am unable to access (read) the record. Here is my latest scenario. On XP with Office 2007: Inbox (10) – indicates that I have 10 “unread’ messages. When I try to read all 10 -- I can only read 8 of them (because 2 are Read receipt). But on my Mac with Office 2008 - I can read all 10 including the 2 Read receipts. After reading all 10 on Mac – the Inbox shows as with no unread message. I can also delete those 2 Read Receipt messages on Mac laptop. On XP since I can not read the remaining 2 – I can not delete them. But I can use the option “Mark all Read” then the Inbox on XP shows no unread message. It is peculiar – and starting happening a few months back. The Office 2007 has been working fine for the past 4 or 5 years. I may have inadvertently set some options and unable to reset it back. I am aware that many users may not sent the read receipt back so in that case I will not get any Read receipt. My problem is that I can read it on Mac but not on Win XP for the same message. Confusing & frustrating. Any other ideas? Thanks. SbElectric
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