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Dear all, We have a legal issue using outlook 2007 and exchange server 2007: Open a received message, select Other Actions then Edit Message, you will be then able to modify and save the message, the only trace would be that the properties of the message have change in the Modified (date). This is a legal issue for us, so the question is: How to lock the edit Message option on a received message and by certain that it is not possible to change such received message? Thank you in advance. Stephane

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Outlook 2007 - exchange 2007

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<i>The only way I know of preventing the capability of post-reception editing is to have the sender and the person who is receiving the message obtain a digital certificate that is recognized by Microsoft.

Identrust, ORC, and Versign offer these kinds of keys but they are not cheap.

If it were a legal issue, maybe it would be possible for Exchange to keep a copy of the received messages in initial form as a comparison point should someone be suspected of editing an email.

Good luck.</i>
<b>You can use the Journaling feature of Microsoft Exchange to get a copy of every incoming and outgoing message prior to the message being delivered to the recipient’s mailbox. This additional copy of the message is stored separately so the user cannot access it or make changes to it. This requires a lot of storage but it will provide the legal protection that you’re looking for.</b>

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  • Harold382156
    I call "bulls--t" on this statement of a "legal issue"....if this were true, nearly every company in many, many countries would have pressured MSFT long ago to address this. In reality, you are trying to control the ability of a recipient of your message from making notes, highlights, modifications, etc., so that you don't need to implement proper controls and Document Retention Policies on your side. Happy to see there is no "quick fix", and best of luck dealing with your legal issues.
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  • TomLiotta
    I call “bulls–t” on this statement of a “legal issue”… I call “bulls–t” on calling “bulls–t” on this issue. It can indeed be a legal issue, and the suggested answers are valid methods of recording unaltered versions of received e-mails -- they are examples of Microsoft's actions to provide for legal issues that may arise. Tom
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  • sunambiar
    What is the sanctity and integrity of the received message if it can be modified and re-saved by the receiver.  It is quite possible that the receiver modifies to his / her advantage and then produces for any legal scrutiny.  Microsoft is to be blamed for this goof-up. They should provide alternate method by saving the modified email in another Folder by name say - Inbox-modified. 

    What if some one's email is modified to frame him with obscene words and pictures and then send him to be tried in court?  How will the common man know that received emails can be modified.
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