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I have a user that has exchange mailbox and pop3 account. They want all email to deliver to personal folders and then a copy sent or "synced" to the exchange server. Email is set to deliver to the personal folders and a rule is created to send a copy incoming mail to the exchange inbox but it does not create a copy. How can I have email delivered to the personal folders and have a copy sent to exchange?

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There is no way that I’m aware of to do this. Mail should first be delivered to the Exchange mailbox and kept there because of the single message storage that Exchange does (it saves you space on the server).

The link below has a FAQ of how to forward an Exchange message to a POP3 account, but I don’t think this is what you are doing. Besides, Outlook automatically moves emails from one type of account to the other account, so if you had it automatically forward them between them, you’d probably end up creating a DoS on yourself. The default location is where Outlook moves things to. The email would come in on Exchange, it’d sent it to POP3, then it’d move it to the Exchange server, and then it’d start over again…

See “Automatically forward an Exchange account to a POP3 account” at


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  • BIGFella
    It's probably not a true fit to your requirements, however I would ask why are you using a POP3 connector??? there are very few reasons to use POP3 in an exchange environment use SMTP whenever possible, here is a good link regarding why POP3 connectors should not be used: - http://www.sembee.co.uk/archive/2006/09/25/28.aspx If you are using SMTP you could release the benifits of Exchange cached mode (Exchange 03/07 server) which would effectivly solve your issue as you would have a sync'd copy of the mailbox on the client and server with very little hassle (a tick in a check box on the client config). Like I said it's probably not a true fit + you have to remember Exchage was not designed to use POP3 & IMAP4, they are connectors only (extensions essentially to support legacy environments) Exchange is built around SMTP and anything that you can do with POP3 IMAP4 can be achieved with SMTP in some way shape or fashion.
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  • Eboyer
    Is the reason you are using POP3 for outside connectivity? If so, Have you tried RPC over HTTP. This is how we keep our Mobile users Synched as you say so they can get there exchange mail using any internet connection. See: support.microsoft.com/kb/833401
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  • PMiller78
    I agree with eboyer, RPC over HTTP is the way to go. It sounds difficult to setup, but it's really pretty straight forward. Altho I'm not sure if it works with Thunderbird, if you need it to, but it does work with exchange via POP3. Paul
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  • Marcola
    Here is a link for the Setp-by-Step configuration for RPC over HTTP for the first install... http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/1bdd45cc-e141-4901-a686-ec2e6482217b.aspx Have fun ... We use it and it is the greatest thing since sliced Mac OS 0.1b...
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