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I have loaded Outlook 2003 on a new computer at the office. I successfully configured it for a Microsoft Exchange account and a POP3 account. I moved the computer to it's new location and problems started. It was working fine and then all of a sudden it was getting this error... "The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable. Outlook must be online to complete this action." I couldn't resolve the problem at all so... I plugged in the workers old computer and left the other one. I thought I would try it again yesterday and I plugged it in.... deleted the accounts tried again and it worked. She worked all yesterday successfully. Then today... it won't work again. Same error message. Any ideas? The operating system is Windows XP and the operating system on our server is Windows 2000. HELP!

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If you are running in cached mode I would delete the OST and let it recreate it – sometimes the ost can cause odd issues.


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  • Squasher
    Hi A lot of possible options here. You said it was on your network so I presume you mean on your LAN. Lirria mentioned "Cached Mode" and deleting your .ost Indeed a corrupt .ost can cause problems but you dont need to be running "Cached Exchange Mode" when you are on the LAN - It is simply a mode to speed up remote access. The easiest way to sort this out is to enable logging and see what that throws up - Also check the event log. There is not enough info given to diagnose the problem accurately but can you connect to the account from another machine? Is it a domain or workgroup ? Can you connect to the exchange server outside of outlook ?
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  • Petroleumman
    Hello, You mentioned problems started when you moved the workstation to a new location. Have you tried the machine in question from another location? If so, is the problem resolved or does it follow the computer? Have you tried a known working machine from the LOC in question? If so, how did it react? Though software could be the culprit, if your not getting anywhere going that route, don't rule out the obvious. A faulty NIC, a loose, crimped or broken wire in your cable run can cause intermittent problems you've described as well. Good Luck!
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  • MrGee62
    Is your network divided into subnets? If so, are you moving the computer within the same 'subnet' on your network? Are you running WINS and DNS services on your servers? If so, something that may work... try refreshing the resolved name table on the computer that is having the problem. go to a command prompt and type the command "nbtstat -R" (enter) This will purge and reload the name table served up by WINS. Additionally, you can use the command with the -RR switch which will 'release' adn 'refresh' the name table on the local machine. I hope that this and the other replies help you!
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  • Stevesz
    As another mentioned here, there is not really enough information here to give this a good go. A few things to check are when you cannot connect ot the Exchange server, are you able to ping it by name, by IP? If you have a problem resolving the name, can you ping other servers or workstations by name, by IP? If name resolution is a problem, you have DNS issues that must be resolved. If you cannot ping by IP, you have connectivity issues somewhere between beginning--the current wks--and end--the server you are tryiong to reach. Once these are resolved, your problem should go away. ZIf ths checks out, then you are back to looking at Outlook. If you are running in cached mode (which can also be useful on a LAN, BTW) delete the current OST file. Create a new profile and ensure that the server and name of the mailbox are recognized. If not, you may have a local problem and will need to dig down to discover it. At this point you may wish to just put a new image on the machine and start fresh. If not an option, look at the event logs to see if somethjing is going on that is actually getting recorded. At eh very least, if you have no other clues, you may wish to re-install Outlook. We will generally uninstall the whole office suite, run jv16 against the registry, and then reinstall, after the appropriate restarts. If the problem is still not reolved, it is probably time to call in the heavy artillery. Get some help who can troubleshoot from one end to the other to resolve the problem. I remeber one problem I had on one of my jobs that took several days to locate the problem. A whole building was losing connectivity intermittantly. We finally narrowed the problem down to a switch. Thinking the switch was going bad, we replaced it, congratulated ourselves, only to find the problem still existed. Back to the drawing board, and we finally found that one of the cables going into the switch had an intermittant short. That cable run was replaced, and we held our breath. That resolved the problem. And we were able to congratulte ourselves once again. Point is, that if this is an intermittant problem, you can kill yourself locating it. However, once you do, have a beer for us.
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